Support sucks I am so over it

Things that are SO simple are such a clusterfuck. I need logins to your paysite so I can push as I have for 10 years but now it is like pulling teeth. Where is the fucking support with these sites? I am talking Buddy Profits, Adult Force. Huge mega companies. It is SO frustrating. Then in my spare time I will chase the money that you owe me with some other companies. So much time wasted over things that should not be.


Yeah… the reps keep changing and they never know anything unfortunately.

Oh how I remember those days… Did you maybe try xbiz? I mean dumb that you’d have to go that far to give someone promotion. OH and I’ll give you anything you need sugar. :wink: hehe

I literally got an email from a rep saying " let me know if you need anything"
I immediately replied with a simple request and never heard anything back.
Waited a week, sent another message, and crickets…guess I won’t bother promoting them.

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I hear you and have the same frustration working with some partner sites. If you require anything from Pinstripe Cash, feel free to email me directly - ewan @

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Sadly this is the truth. They must not keep good notes internally so that if a person is promoted or moves on, the new reps have an easy resource to get up to speed with. I never like to bug the higher ups unless needed, but some of those bigger companies require jumping over head to get things done.

Buddy Profits has always been responsive for me so I gladly promote them. Adult Force is the exact opposite. They won’t give me the time of day so you won’t find them on any of my sites.