- Looking for content

I have a site in our network I’m interested in reviving:

While it hasn’t had any new content produced in several years, there are still a lot of rebilling customers on the site and it still converts amazingly with very little promotion.

I’m wondering if anyone knows of anybody filming this kind of content or that perhaps might be willing to sell some? Getting it filmed exclusive would also be a possibility, or even a collab / content sharing type of situation.

I’ve been filming straight boys for 20 years…

That is great. This site is a little bit unique though. It’s actually straight guys fucking women, but with a focus on the men instead of the girls. I’m not sure if that is something you have filmed before?

Hello Danny and thanks.

  1. My site YSB does not have str8 guys really fucking str8 guys (except one clip, which is nothing).
    There are a few sets (less than 10) where a str8 guy fucks a gay boy (and it’s rather obvious that the boy is gay).

  2. But I completely understand “str8 boys fucking girls but with a focus on the boys”, which I find very interesting, and actually I’ve already done such things, for another (smaller) of my sites,
    But this site is more than messy, and you can’t even find those clips on the site, but through another page (highly messy too) : - NEWS ABOUT SATELLITE SITES
    Here, if you type Ctrl-F and YBG, you will see “part 5” up to “part 9”, i.e. only 5 sets (and the first ones are very bad…).

  3. Here in Brazil, the boys with whom I’m doing the current “str8 boys” sessions are constantly asking me to do sessions with girls, which would be much more motivating for them.
    Why did I not do it yet ?

  • Because it’s always very complicated with girls (but still doable)
  • Because it would cost quite a lot
  • But mostly because I don’t find enough motivation myself to do it.

That’s where maybe your current idea might be enough to change the things.

Let’s admit that the recordings that I usually do are not enough “pro” for your criteria. But why not the following idea…
You would “direct” the things and tell me exactly (or as much as you want) what to do. I’m not too bad at following accurate directives (that we can modify if necessary).
You would also send me the “models release” that you want. I know the “usual” one and maybe I have a version in Portuguese somewhere, but I made my own simplifed version otherwise it would be too much complicated for the boys.
But as long as “fucking a girl” is involved “i.e. real sex”, we have to do things “the most seriously possible”, I guess.
About the fact that my movies are rather shaky, it’s not a problem anymore, now I use Topaz video enhancer which has a good stabilizer.
And also now I have lots of light.

So the idea would be that you make “orders” to me, with all the details that you want, and I would provide you the stuff (raw mp4). Including the official gov IDs, and models releases of course.
And the deal would be that it would be exclusive for you BUT with an exception for me, i.e. I would publish only on (and that would be a very good reason to redo that site decently, but don’t worry, it won’t harm your sales, as my traffic is very small. We can also do banner exchange, btw.).

About the price, what I suggest is that I would “charge” you only what it costs, plus a little “security margin” for me, since there are always plenty of little costs (for example, for buying a new cam or laptop one day).

How does it sound so far ?

If you want to try try this idea (maybe after proposing modifications), I will inquire to provide you an idea of prices. Here in Brazil in a big city things are not that cheap… But it’s certainly cheaper than in the US, and also here the boys are a “goldmine” IMO.
But here also you would select among the boys and girls that I would propose.
(you can have a look here : "Sponsored sessions" and "100% Private sessions" (i.e. custom works made for you) - Young Straight Boys How do you find them ? Good ? Or too much younglooking ? Or not enough muscles ? or ?..)

So here are my “ideas” so far.
We can discuss :slight_smile:
I’m interested by this possible project, even if I won’t earn much with the “little margin” and with YBG, because it would be a way to convince easier “new faces” for my usual sessions. Indeed, the perspective of fucking a girl after doing 3 “usual” sets without girls would be a very powerful reason for them to accept, when money is not enough :slight_smile:

I also think that it would be good to make MMF (2 boys).
Having a boy ass-fucked whil he fucks a girl seems uberhot to me, we can try, but it may be difficult. 2 days ago I made a “duo” session with Renan and Everton but they refused to push even half of the dick head in the ass, even for more money.
That being said, in general it’s just a matter of “how much”.
But it should be possible to find bi boys.
I know one, very cute and slim, but we have to wait until March 16th for his 18th birthday. But of course I can try to find others.


Hey Eric, wow that’s a lot of ideas! Thank you for all your feedback. I’m on a holiday now but after New Years I’ll send you a DM and see if we might be able to work something out. Have a great new years!

Hello Danny, thanks, there is no hurry :slight_smile:

Hello Danny, how are you ?
Like I said, there is no hurry, but I’m just reminding you.
Maybe I wrote too much and it’s a lot to take at first read, or maybe the prices sound too much expensive, but they just reflect the costs that I have here, things are not so cheap in a big city in Brazil, and nowadays people don’t want to be exposed as they all have internet, they all know free tube sites, they are afraid of leaks. So the only way to convince them is cash.
And with the approximate values that I mentioned, I should have just a small “security margin”. Which means that I would spend quite a lot of time for finding and convincing a girl (or girls), finding and paying a place, and solving various problems (things are always a pain when there is a girl), and doing the shooting and all, and I would earn much less money than each of the “actors” (at first, with the money you would send for the job), which is not very consistent.
That’s why I said that I have to use the content on my site as well (and only there), in the hope of making some money with it, which is difficult because my boy+girl site is crap and I don’t have the time to improve it.
But maybe you have other ideas than the few I suggested ?..

Hello, I have a cute boy here who seems to have found a girl to make things, are you still interested ?


P.S. That “cute boy” is here, Emerson: "Sponsored sessions" and "100% Private sessions" (i.e. custom works made for you) - Young Straight Boys
Some of the other boys on that page would be interested as well.
If you are still interested by a project, we can arrange something and I can find a girl.
FInding cute boys is not a problem.
So far, I’m not searching for girls because there is no “project” and because I don’t have enough traffic to earn enough with str8 sex to pay the sessions, when there are billions of videos for free.
That being said, “my” boys are young and handsome, that makes a difference :slight_smile: