Sticky now blocking all outgoing links?

I was alerted to something by a client this week, apparently Sticky (QueerClick) is now editing posts and stripping out links, and apparently breaking all outgoing links so they don’t lead anywhere.

It’s not a platform we use very much, but I do pay for it.
If this is a new policy change I missed then it’s now completely useless to us and there’s no reason to be there.

I have submitted a query there also but not really expecting a reply so thought I might ask here.


Just had a look, not used it myself before. Some posts have links others don’t, seems random. Is there perhaps now a paid option to have links?

I can’t see any information on changes made, but I do pay monthly as a “Power User”.

It seems to have changed in the last month. Prior to that links are working and additional links in the text are still present. It seems I can edit them, reapply links and text etc, and then everything is fine.

It might ultimately explain why traffic from Sticky has declined so much recently.

I think I’ll probably give it another month and see what happens.