Sponsor uses my textual descriptions

There is one French sponsor that I have been pushing on my blog a lot for several years, because their content is compatible with my blog’s main theme. Their descriptions are usually just machine translations made with Google Translate from French to English, so they often sound quite unnatural.

Obviously, I always rewrite their translations in my own words when I post their updates on my blog. Since about two years ago or so, I noticed that when they send out their promo content, their descriptions sometimes contain my descriptions, word for word, obviously copy/pasted from my blog (they often release so-called bonus content for previously published updates, and then they want to remind their visitors about the original scene, which was published some months ago. That’s when they usually just copy/paste the descriptions from my blog).

While I feel honored that they like my descriptions so much to even use them as their own, I think it is obvious that this cannot benefit me in any way. The main reason (from the SEO point of view) why a webmaster would write his own descriptions, rather than using someone else’s, is to be unique in Google’s eyes. So, if they send out my descriptions unaltered in any way, Google will think that it was actually me who copied from them.

What do you think that I should do? Should I just politely ask them to stop using my descriptions?

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That’s a very tricky one. It’s actually their own text but translated by you. But I’m guessing the problem isn’t with the sponsor as such as they don’t use the text on their site, right? So the worry I guess is that other blogs use your text?

It will probably come down to who has the most authority and where it’s published first. Really not sure it will hurt you though, so many blogs and sites just copy and paste text from sponsors yet they are fine. Do you normally get a lot of traffic to individual blog posts? I don’t on mine.

Yes, as far as I’ve noticed they don’t use my descriptions on their site, only in the descriptions that they send to their affiliates.

Perhaps Google will not penalize me, but I certainly won’t get any advantage over the other affiliates even if I write my own descriptions, because those exact same descriptions are sent out to everybody, and many will just copy/paste them into their blog or tube site…

I would much prefer if they had asked me and I would probably have offered them to write the descriptions that would be unique for their site, perhaps for a very small fee.

To be honest with you, I am not sure about individual posts and how popular they are, but I know for sure that some categories on my site have many more clicks and visitors than others. For example, bizarrely, boyfriend nudes site and the namesake category on my blog have by far the biggest number of visitors, which of course don’t convert anymore because that site doesn’t exist anymore. But I still keep that category and the content because they kind of bring visitors to my blog in general.

Yeah I agree, they should ask at least. And no, it would be preferable if no one else uses it.

I just wanted to clarify with anyone reading this isn’t us at French Twinks…

While we always love peoples original write-ups about our scenes we would never use them as promotional material in our marketing… Although we are lucky to have both French and English speaking staff so there usually isn’t any machine translated content coming from us.

Maybe reach out to the sponsor in question and politely ask they maybe not use your write-ups word for word.

No, of course, it is not your site. I don’t even promote French Twinks (maybe I should). I had a different sponsor on my mind.

Yes, that seems like the best solution.

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We would always welcome you to promote us, although as always pick the sponsors that best meet your traffic and niche’s for the best conversion :slight_smile:

But if you want to give us a go you know where we are! :grinning:

You should absolutely promote French Twinks. Great content and site. Does really well with our members.

And yes, I would never use text from an affiliate to send out to others to use. But if I had the idea, I would absolutely ask, or ask that affiliate to do translations for us for an extra fee.

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I agree with Boyfun-Brent. Write and ask they not use your promotional text word for word, offer to write text in English for them and definitely ask for $$. I don’t know the current cents per word, perhaps Conrad knows. Or Bjorn might know.

Ah, and since this post was made two months ago … did we resolve the issue yet?

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It’s definitely a problem.
Other affiliates are probably using that text, too.
You can do a “” search via Google for one of the earliest examples they’ve copied and see how many duplicates show up.

I would be interested to see how this played out.

On the charging issue, for me it really depends on the needs of the client and the amount of work I need to put in. More research means more time, which means higher cost. It also depends on whether I have access to the original content, or whether I need a membership to be able to view anything - far too many sponsors are moving in the direction of EVERY link on their site going to a join page, which makes researching models and their previous scenes almost impossible without membership.

I hope you have a moment to update us.