sponsor blog content tips

when you send out a blog content email, always include the name of the site the content is for in the subject.

use the name of the site on the zip folder.

don’t send loose pics - always zip them up.

give at least a little info about the model - not just stuff like “he was so hot it was all i could do to keep from cumming while he jacked off”, but his age, what he does for a living (or that he’s in college), dick size. something we can build off of.

if there are 2 models, please include a text file to tell us which is which even if you don’t like writing - at least “tom is blond and bob is brunette” or “tom is the bottom and bob is the top”.

the bigger the pics, the more bloggers have to work with. i’d rather have 10 big pics than 10 pics you’ve worked hard to make look better that are narrower than my normal size of blogs.

variety still is the spice of life. it’s a lot more useful to have 1 dressed pic, 1 pic of the guys undressing, 1 pic of them kissing while partly undressed, 1 pic of one of the guys feeling the other through his pants, 2 pics of a blowjob, 1 of the guys laughing, 3 of them fucking. and a variety of closeups, medium and wide shots is better than all closeups.

Re: sponsor blog content tips

good points Ms. P -

I think we got some of these pointers right when we released our FIRST XXX rated hi-rez photos for affiliate use this past week… but I’ll go back in and make some adjustments and take your advice as we roll out future sets for use by our affiliates…

T&C say thanks…