"Sleeping" boys sites

Hello, the sites with “sleeping” content (boys or men being rubbed or more while sleeping - or pretending) are banned by Visa and Mastercard (and maybe others), since quite a long time.

Does anyone know if there is a payment processor or system that would accept such content ??

I have a site with such content, I have all the boys signing an agreement, of course, so there is no “non-consensual sex” (which would be the problem), but the IPSP don’t want to know that, they say that the content looks like non-consensual, and that’s enough for being impossible for them to process. They even seem to run automatic spiders detecting words like “sleeping”.
Verotel stopped processing my site a long time ago. I think that Direct Debit (in EU) would still be allowed, but they (Verotel) don’t want to hear about it (?).
And SegPay simply cancelled all my sites (including my main site Young Straight Boys .com) when I discussed the subject with them…

It’s a pity because there are customers who really like such content (and of course it’s very hard to find). IMO there is nothing illegal given that the boys gave their authorization. Sometimes they cum and they wake up, but usually I don’t publish that final part where they wake up and go to shower, but it would be useful to prove what I say in case of doubt. But of course no one wants to go that far.

It’s possible to use Bitcoin but it’s complicated and few people (of my usual customers) use Bitcoin.

SEPA Direct Debit (EU) or ACH (US) would be fine if it works, and if there is an IPSP (like Verotel, CCBill…) accepting that…

I can reply with the name of my site if someone is interested, but the design is really old (like 20 years old, yes!). If I can find a payment processor I will revamp all. But when it earns no money, it’s not worth working on it.

Thanks for any advice…

There’s a “sleeping” site yes, not sure how it compares to your idea though:

It doesn’t appear to have any billing though. I can register and watch full length videos with no payment card required. It just isn’t billable content.

I didn’t notice that… it’s new. Thanks for pointing that out!

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Hello and thanks…

And now that page gives an error if one clicks the link for that site…

Only the GayDemon link gives the error. If you enter the actual site name URL it’s still there.

Hello, yes thanks

About the initial question (i.e. how to find a way for users to pay to access such content), I received an answer from CCBill today, they say that they can’t even accept to process it with ACH or EuroDebit, because anyway it is their “acquiring bank” that will refuse it.
(They call it “voyeur content”.)

I found a list of “best ccbill alternatives” (easy to find with ggl)…

Don’t you think it will be a bit difficult or pointless if other larger companies failed in having such a site? Isn’t that a sign that it’s better not to do it?

I think that other companies or sites just don’t want to bother with such content, because it’s too much difficult and anyway it would not earn much money.
I my case it’s very different, because if I could earn “only” 100$/month thanks to my “sleeping” content (already existing), then it would make like 15% increase of monthly revenue (for all my revenues) and it would change things significantly.

I never understood how the other sites manage to earn a lot of money (if they do).
I guess it’s mostly thanks to promotion. The site design is important too, but I’m trying to improve it as much as I can.
And of course the content is mostly important, but that’s OK, my members love my content.

Anyway in 99,99% of the boys sites existing I simply don’t understand… The boys or men are too old for me (hairy and so on), or “too much gay” (for me). Maybe the love for 18-22 y.o. STRAIGHT boys is something very unusual and I’m not even aware of that.

AFAIK, the problem with sleeping boy sites is consent. You can’t consent to have sex when you’re asleep, legally. Of course it’s all staged and there is consent, but the appearance of it being non-consensual is what scares billers.

Hello and thanks, yes it’s exactly that.
And they don’t want to bother verifying whether there is actual content or not.
For them, it “looks like” non-consensual.
Even if the “non-consensuality” was “staged”, I guess that it would be enough to scare the billers.

That’s why I’m looking for a system that would accept only ACH and Direct Debit (or phone or whatever), where maybe they are not annoyed with that.

There are possibilities with Bitcoin, but the problem is that few customers use that.
And Paypal is a real pain, there are always problems with them and they freeze the account during years, for any reason…

Jay is right. Here is a quote from Mastercard standards

Merchants must not market the content of websites , or permit content search terms, to give the impression that the content contains child exploitation material or the depiction of non-consensual activities.

It is very black and white. So you will need to find a biller that has no ties to the card networks. No biller is going to risk their bank and card agreements for a site that brings in a few hundred dollars a month.

Sorry to be brutal, but you will get nowhere with this. In the time this thread has been running you could have set up a blog and got an affiliate sale somewhere and still made more money than you would trying to monetise the content you have.

Hello Jay and thanks for these details and thoughts.

Yes the only way is to find a biller or something without ties with card networks then.
That’s what I’m trying to do with this thread (and with many researches with various billers, who all rejected).

I already have a website which runs normally, youngstraightboys dot com.
But simply there is that additional content which is “sleeping”, so to say, and which could could bring the few bucks that would make a useful difference.
Because despite all my efforts with the “regular site” during one year, I cannot manage to make it earn more money, and that money, is barely enough to pay the bills and all, so I’m trying other “ideas” and there is that content which remains unused.

Additionally, there are people who would like to access it and who are ok to pay for that, but who are deterred when they see that the only way is to use Bitcoin. Few people use that.

Thanks anyway.

I think it’s unwise to start something that are seen as unacceptable or banned content for billing companies.

Hello and thanks.
It’s not about starting but continuing, and it was perfectly acceptable in the past (I started almost 20 years ago with that).
There is a sort of “dictatorship” of the mighty who decide what is good and what is bad (I’m referring to the banks and so on, not to you :-)).
Yes maye it’s not wise or not a good idea or whatever but I just need to pay the bills and that content is not illegal, it also had a cost that I would like to cover decently.
But I stopped recording that, given that it’s so difficult.

MC even makes paysites responsible for what is on affiliate sites, and they are starting to enforce their rules with a firmer hand recently, so i would join my voice to those who think it best to stay clear. banks and card companies do have too much input into what we all can do and say, but as they process our txns at their pleasure, there are big risks in ignoring them


OK thank you, maybe the best is to close this topic…
Of course I would not start such things nowadays from scratch, it would be stupid.
I will continue that site with only Bitcoin and no relations with other billers (who would all refuse anyway).

(to close or even to remove this topic, as I don’t want to create any problem here - thanks)

Rob’s comment makes me wonder whether affiliates can do the marketing that the site owner can’t. Basically the scenes wouldn’t be on the tour - but promo materials could be distributed to affiliates who promote the scenes and get the word out.

Changing topics slightly - how does TIM get away with KOJO (Knocked Out, Jacked Off)?