Size / Resolution of Video Trailers

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Do most Affiliates operating tube sites or video blogs prefer to get rather smaller “ready-to-use” video trailers of approx 40 - 60 MB @ 940 x 540 px (as an example)? Or would you prefer larger trailers with more quality resources - thus easily resulting in sizes from 150 - 200 MB @ 1080p?

Or anything in between like 720p video trailers?

What do you guys think would work best as a “one size fits” all solution?

As I can see on the web many affiliates seem to be doing their own encoding anyhow to further lower bandwidth - which of course easily may crash quality.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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I would go for the larger videos, we convert the videos at our end but show them at original size. That means for us the bigger the better. Conversion is done anyway as it’s moved to cloud storage and making sure it’s encoded like we want it. It means we want as large as possible… within reason of course. Some sponsors provide huge videos in the GB range which is a bit slow to handle.

Thank you very much for your reply! :wink: