Sign Bucks Gone

Sign Bucks is forwarding to a VR porn site.
No more webmaster affiliate information.

What sites did they use to have? I don’t remember that program.

It wasn’t a program with sites as such, but it was a collection of various sponsors and the different sites they had, payment types offered, promo materials, etc. They also openly blacklisted those programs that don’t pay the affiliates. Lots of program announcements without the attitudes of the Zoo. It is definitely missed.

Been around 25 years and never heard of this one.

The guy who ran it was a member here for 7 years, but just checked his profile and it says he hasn’t logged in here since jul 2016. He used to make his money by using webmaster referral links.

He was selling his assets on GFY latley.
Maybe that’s the reason.

Found it. It was a topic from 2012 :smiley:
Apparently he switched the site off. Maybe it’s too much work for nothing.

Oh you mean Signup Bucks? I do remember it. Yeah it might have been worth it at the height of porn business 10 years ago when there was lots of affiliates but now I doubt anyone would signup through such a site or at least not enough to make it worth it as you say.

Sorry, it was called Sign Bucks Daily website url was signbucks dot com, used to just list all the different affiliate programs and had a blacklist of programs not to bother with etc. It was great info. Sad to see it go.

I used that site a lot when I needed a particular niche, plus I could filter for a specific payment type.