Ok, there is no real website called (that I know of). I’m starting this thread to ask a question: suppose someone in Russia or China or a country not on the best of terms with the U.S. decided to join a site like Sean Cody, download most of their content and then start their own paysite using that content? What could the real owners of Sean Cody possibly do to stop this? It’s not like Russia is particularly friendly towards gays or the U.S. so they could probably care less. And I doubt the FBI or U.S. government would lift a finger to help.

I assume the only way to stop this would be to go after the credit card processing company the pirate hacker is using, but aren’t there other payment options they could use?

What made me think of this is a news report I just saw about a China theme park using Snow White and Marvel characters. Disney is livid about this of course and they vow to take action. They may make some progress but what about your average gay (or straight) porn producer. Are they not more vulnerable to this kind of attack?

Perhaps the broader question is how do the big movie studios protect their copyright in countries that don’t honor U.S. laws?

I’m also wondering how services like Porn Guardian can prevent or take care of a potential ShawnKody, RandallPurple, KaosGuys or NextDoorMan copycat site.


That’s a good question… in the past, the domain would be shut down for copyright infringement and the domain would point to an FBI notice scaring the shit out of people.

I’m not at all up to spec on the global organization that now controls domain names, but I would assume our law enforcement agencies would have retained that power to disable criminal activities or there would not have been a handing over.

User ChadKnowsLaw is always the go to legal expert on here, maybe he’ll chime in.