Setting Up Affiliate Program - Recommendations?

Other thread deleted. Just as well.
We were asked about affiliate program.
We have 2 options

Which do webmasters here prefer?
What are minimum payouts that you are happy about?
What is minimum % to affiliate that is acceptable?
What are your favorite tools? Banners, clips, FHGs, Feeds?

We want to make something that affiliates are happy with.

Strange questions? Well, yes and no. Owners are Japanese and have been dealing with Japanese affiliate system for 16 years. Way different than western affiliate systems. Western systems are much better. I have finally convinced them of that.

I appreciate your thoughts and input. We want to make something the community can work with.


I’ll answer the first question which is 1000% Nats. You want cascade billing and the ability to change billers at anytime. You don’t want all your eggs in one basket. I no longer even promote any programs that run directly through CCBill.


Thank you, Mark. I have to agree with you 1000% as well. For me, CCBill sales suddenly dropped to 0 a few years ago. I get 1 or 2 per year now but its NATS all the way for me. Thank you for the confirmation.

From and affiliate perspective the standard rate for revshare is 50% on sales and rebills. Lower and most of us will just look at promoting other sites.

50% is what I think is the minimum as well. They are paying their Japanese affiliates 30% which believe it or not in that world is generous. I promote on the Japanese site, both DMM and R18 accept micro-payments. So I can make 3 sales and make $2. If I am lucky. I work with them because they offer a cool feed API so I can set up and only need to check it once in a while.

I appreciate your comments as I am just hoping for some external input to validate what I am recommending to them. They are firmly planted in 2000 tech in some areas. They have made the leap to NATS which is a positive step.

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If no one knows you, CCBill is a good place to start because people don’t have to meet a $100 threshold (or whatever) to get paid. But as you become trusted and are earning webmasters good coin, then NATS is absolutely the way to go.

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