Seeking link trades

looking to trade dofollow links.

my site:

I cannot trade with any link directories

reply here or message me directly on Skype @ stevenminix or email me [email protected]

My big concern here is the legality of your video clips. Models on OF are notorious for having DMCA takedown notices sent down over scraped videos. Unless you have the permission of the copyright holder (or trademark holder) to use that content, you can open yourself up to a whole lot of legal hurt. The site is nice and clean, but…

Yeah, I second that. You won’t last long using clips from OnlyFans.

I am well aware of all of this. I do the bare minimum to personally feel free from going to hell…

  1. I credit every single of of the creators and have multiple outgoing links to their onlyfans.

  2. I do not post any videos for FREE that are very lengthy or valuable.

also, using offshore DMCA ignored servers and encrypted domain provider means you do not have to worry about such things.

I used to be super against this kind of thing but I feel there is room to make money here without hurting the models.

Hmmm. Nope. I can’t link to you and I honestly don’t know of any sites that will. The videos you are posting are scraped, and I highly doubt you have the permission of any of the creators to use them, even if you are linking back. You do have banners up, but you are not actually promoting any of those sites - you are promoting OF, which does not have an affiliate program. The videos you have are not featured on any of the sites you advertise for, so your visitors have no real reason to join. Sorry…

hosting offshore on servers that will just ignore DMCA notifications is what most pirate sites do. How are you different from them, and who is the arbiter on whether you are ‘hurting’ the models or not?


“I do the bare minimum to personally feel free from going to hell…” – Well now, isn’t that remarkable!

You embody everything that many of us in this industry have been combating for the past 25 to 30 years. You enter this space with plagiarized content, hoping to gain promotion from it. One of your promoted links, “mygaysites dot com,” includes a section called “Gay PornTorrents Sites,” which, unsurprisingly, encourages further infringement of our content.

YOU ARE CONTRIBUTING TO THE PROBLEM, and I don’t know anyone who would entertain the idea of exchanging links with you.


Well, in your world it is hard to think of anyone who would exchange with me. I do not exist in your world.

BelAmiOnline, I would never try to violate the copyrights of studios such as yours. I am simply re-posting shortened clips from the accounts of OF creators who make far too much money. OF hurts your business, the hottest talent is leaving the studios in droves. Why you so mad?

I link to the creators socials as well. You are right, my ads are not relevant to the content as much as they could be but there simply isn’t any affiliate program out there yet for what I am doing.

What we’re saying isn’t that we support or like OF but form experience they are very diligent in sending out DMCA´s. Using OF content will eventually end yourself in trouble one way or another, if you then rely on that content you might end up with a site either blocked by Google or without any content left.


whether or not we/you think OF benefits or harms our business, it is still their content to choose how it is used, it doesn’t really matter if we agree with it or not. Simply taking it, repurposing it, and broadcasting it is copyright infringement.


Exactly this.


Yes it is. My policy has now been and will remain that all DMCA requests are granted without question. Also proactively reaching out and have already made several arrangements with various creators to use their “shorts” in exchange for referrals.