Rugger Bugger - Site Not Working Properly

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Cash Kaboom? Rugger Bugger has been down for a week now…


Rugger Bugger seems to work for me.

But I’m not entirely sure the affiliate links for their sites even when linking directly to join page works properly. Sales have been a lot worse than they used to be.

Thanks for letting me know it’s working for you…

That caused me to dig around some more and I found it was my ad blocker. Their front page is nothing but a graphic age warning and ABP was blocking it so all I was seeing was a blank page… Once disabled it’s now working for me as well…


If I recall, I looked into pushing them in the fall, because I remember them being a strong converter. I think the site itself isn’t being updated or maintained anymore, and also the ruggerbugger tour etc… is Flash-based, which might be why it’s not working (or if Bjorn still has Flash installed why it’s working for him).

Email contact is [email protected]

Thanks for the contact info :slight_smile: