Recommend Piracy Services

Need some suggestions for piracy takedown companies.


They are the same mostly - sending automated DMCA requests, use parsed SE.
The only difference is a price :slight_smile:

We were with Porn Guardian for years; I believe we were one of their first clients. About 3 years ago we decided to take a break from using them because while we saw they were getting things taken down, the amount of Badpuppy and CAUSA videos turning up on share sites was still abundant. By the end of 2021 there were more Badpuppy and CAUSA video on share sites than ever before. I re-established our Porn Guardian account and to this day they are getting a LOT of our videos taken down from well-known share sites and places we never knew existed. Sites that were in our daily watch list are no longer posting our videos. For us, we can recommend Porn Guardian.

100% recommend DMCA Force, Price is high but the service is superior to any other, just give good clean whitelists at the beginning and clear instructions of what you expect and you wont be disappointed, we have tried so many along the way… 2nd choice would be porn guardian.

I’m using DMCAForce as well, they are good.

DMCAForce is the piracy service that was behind the thread about Corbin Fisher sending unwarranted take down notices

That said, when called out publicly for the bad faith DMCA notices, they did resolve the issue. But IMHO, it shouldn’t take public shaming to do things right.

When you are told to send out thousands of DMCA notices for a studio, the occasional mistake is going to happen. It’s really up to the sponsor to tell them to “whitelist” certain affiliate accounts. For example, we tell them not to DMCA anyone that posts videos under 5 minutes since they are our promo clips. Also, they have a service where they can digital watermark videos, so only the videos with the watermark get the DMCA notices (not the affiliate videos). There are a lot of ways the sponsor can work with them to make sure that affiliates aren’t the ones getting DMCA’d. I wouldn’t blame DMCAForce for doing their job, I’d blame the studio.

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Honestly not wanting to place any blame here but a lot of this sort of thing falls to how much data the studios provide the DMCA Agent (with DMCA Force or others)… Whitelists are very important, speaking to affiliates about multiple and new domains ect as well as only targeting exclusive performer names not those who have worked elsewhere ect…

We have had a total of 16 counter notices in 6 years with a few hundred thousand notices sent with a few DMCA Agents over time (including using our own system for a bit along the way)…

Again as DannyZ mentions above, some studios just want to get the DMCA agent to fire millions of notices off for generic terms and forget about the “job of piracy” completely…

DMCAForce have been extremely agile with our brand, we have very distinct rules, such as if a affiliate page contains a link back to our content the site can be whitelisted ect… The managers there tend to check every site before sending but will follow the rules given by the studios, if no whitelist exists or if someone instructs them to send a DMCA they usually will.

An example was yesterday where we submitted some manual links and a legal affiliate domain was accidently included (affiliate has recently started a new blog), the DMCA manager emailed to ask if it was a mistake as it did not match our agreed ruleset regarding what to DMCA, issue was resolved within an hour, no DMCA sent and everyone remains happy.

I can attest 100% to how much better this service is compared to others we have trailed along the way