Problems with Belamicash

Anyone else unable to log in at-

I get this error message-

Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards).

and if I proceed anyway I then get this-
yo, it works!


I always go here: - and that one seems to work fine

Thanks for that- it works for me too.
It would be good if you could email them and expect to get a response.
I used-
[email protected]
[email protected]
and about 4 weeks ago I submitted a request on the website-
no response.
Bad form.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a NATs contact form that works unfortunately. Try the emails.

Mick, you’ve been getting answers from me all along… just this Monday’s question (and Tuesday’s reminder that I hadn’t answered) about the link was not answered until today … Sadly it seems random if we get the messages from the web form, so always best to hit me up with an email :slight_smile:

We have redirected the belamicash link to the NATs link now, so all should be fine. If in doubt, pls use the NATs link when login in…

Thanks for your help.
Yes, I agree that belami has always been good at responding.
And agreed the email is the best way to make contact.
I just wish we could make a few sales for belami- it used to be a steady trickle but nothing for quite a few months.
Again your help is much appreciated.

What is the best way to request special banner sizes?

just hit me up and i can sort it out. [email protected]. may not be too fast right at the moment as we are in the crazy time of year when it comes to graphics. BF sales, Christmas and getting the new batch of guys ready for next year, but if they are not far off what we have, it can be fast

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Thank you Mick. :slight_smile:

Hey Mark I have a few queries about my account I e sent about 120 clicks got 6 join hits but no submit sales is this Anygood it’s from my relevant twitter account thanks

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little confused here. The question was for Mark or for us?

I think it was for me @BelAmiOnline . My Skype had crashed and I didn’t realize it but I spoke with him yesterday.