PPV Networks affiliate payments for August

Hello, someone else who has not received their payment for August? Cynthia is usually very fast and accurate, so I find it unusual. I wrote to her, but I have no answer.

I had a payment on 9th Aug but nothing since.

Thanks, Bjorn. My last payment was also on August 9th. It seemed strange to me because they were always quite accurate. By the way, their last affiliate email is from September 3rd. I hope everything is ok with them.

My last payment was received on 7/30 which covered period ending 6/30… I’ve noticed over time that most of the time I get payments that cover a two month period and occasionally a one month period. So I’m not concerned as of yet… I should be getting a payment for period ending 8/31 soon…

As for emails I’ve been getting them weekly…

Yeah same, it’s a bit irregular but they normally turn up.

Please keep me informed if anyone receives payment.

I just got paid. Cynthia didn’t answer me, but apparently, everything is fine.

Yes me to, got paid yesterday.