Phoenix Form is back! (kinda)

YNOT is launching “YNOT Reunion” - a B2B event at Tempe Mission Palms, sponsored by CCBill. So basically it’s Phoenix Forum - same place, same time of the year, same major sponsor - but run by someone different.

The question is whether it will be the show the gay side of the industry goes to each year, like TPF was.


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I’m just generally hyper excited about this - same hotel and same location is enough for me to not worry about the orgs being different, and YNOT guys are pretty good at events. Unfortunately I’ll not be able to make it in 2022, I hope they do another in 2023.

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Yeah, I’ve had really good interactions with the YNOT guys. I, too, am not sure I can make it this year, but I’m hoping they have a lot of success.

That does sounds interesting!

I know when I was at XBiz L.A. they were trying to cater to the gay side of the industry with a day of gay panels but it really just wasn’t the same. It would be amazing if they can bring TPF back!

I miss the location, hotel, peeps and all that so this could be great. :smiley:

That was the perfect location for many years and I’m excited to hear this. It will be great to see you guys again.

I just talked to Jay @ YNOT and he gave me a little more information on Reunion. Basically it’s literally a reunion - so this year it’s just an informal gathering of people with no organized sessions. Over time (next year?) it will grow into something bigger and more like the old TPF.

Hi everyone and thanks for starting this thread Jay! Yes indeed this year will be an informal gathering, invite only, with primary emphasis on networking and fun over a weekend. We do need sponsors and plan to grow this but given there are so many factors nowadays and time constraints, this first time out we’d like to see who attends, who wants to attend and all the logistics. We are very thrilled to have CCBill support, and will be announcing additional sponsors very soon. We always try to aim for diversity in our events and awards and YNOT Reunion will be no different. If anyone wants to reach out directly to me, my email is [email protected]. Been forever since I’ve been on this forum and it’s nice to see several old school friendly faces.


Count me in!


Likewise, pretty excited to read this news. This does sound very promising. Count in Carnal Media!

Agreed, Danny. And it was good to see you there in LA. And look, Carnal Media was happy to be tapped to put on the day of programming for the gay space at Xbiz LA. The turn out was better than expected given the Omicron variant COVID. But in the end, we only had a few meetings. Getting TPF back, that would indeed be amazing!

Hey, so everyone in this thread who wants an invite code, please email me at [email protected]

And if you are interested in sponsoring, let’s talk today even, thanks.

This warms my heart. Count me in. Jay I have already emailed you.


just booked my flight and hotel. I am so excited for this. See you all there!

Huge thank you to Alpha Studio Group, the company behind Buddy Profits, Disruptive Films, Next Door Studios, Active Duty and Pride Studios for stepping up in a big way this year for our inaugural show!

Three more sponsors to announce in the coming weeks!

For those with invites, please be sure to register your wristband and book your room while space is available!

Nice, I would have gone, never got a invite

Hit me up at jay at ynot dot com I’d be happy to send you one.

I’m super happy to add that Flirt4Free, Streamate, Cybersocket, Falcon - NakedSword, NSFW Army and Adult Time are all on board now for YNOT Reunion!

Cool, will do

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the new hotel is sold out, so I am still at Tempe Mission Palms.