Paysite bounce rate

what’s a reasonable bounce rate between raw hits and hits to join page for a paysite?
We are running some tests these days and my bounce rate is 47.1%. Is it ok in your opinion?

Thank you.

Re: Paysite bounce rate

After two changes the bounce rate is now 28%. I’ve been told that a quite common bounce rate “tour -> join page” is around 70%. Do you agree with these numbers?

Re: Paysite bounce rate

I guess it depends on how your sending the traffic to your join page. I notice a lot of sites, yours included, have a link at the bottom of the tour saying, “See More Guys, Click Here,” or something like that. And when the surfer clicks they usually get a secondary tour page with more episodes.

Eventually when the site has no more episodes to show the “See More Guys, Click Here” goes to the join page. But the surfer didn’t want to go to a join page, they wanted to “see more guys.” So I imagine in those cases, your bounce rate is going to be high (70%) as most surfers back out of a page that isn’t letting them “see more guys.”

Why not change that last link to “Click here to get inside and start watching the full, hardcore videos”? In fact … why not move the buttons altogether or change their colours; surfers are only clicking them out of habit because that’s what they’ve done on the last few pages, they’re probably not even reading what’s on the button.


Re: Paysite bounce rate

I agree with Michael. I hate it when navigation seems deceptive and I see sites promote images or videos, as if they are sample content and then when clicked on, the user is forced over to the join page. I’ve always felt that anything going to a Join page, should be represented that way, in some capacity. It can say it in all kinds of creative ways. I feel that if the user is clicking on something represented as a join page, instant access, become a member, etc., then it is an elective click and more qualified to convert, rather than piss them off and leave all together.