Not receiving Intensecash promo content emails anymore

I stopped receiving their content updates in July this year and their newsletter never resumed. I emailed Chuck (at) yesterday, but haven’t heard from him since. What is the best way to contact them?

We had similar problems getting their newsletter too

Yesterday was a national holiday in the US (Veterans Day) so they might have been out the office.

I also stopped receiving the promo emails a while ago and figured they just weren’t sending them out at the moment. I’m getting emails from many other programs, so I’m not sure what’s happening. Hopefully Mark or Chuck can clarify.

HI Guys,

Best email to reach me is Chuck at blumedia . We had low open rates with the emails which is why we were no longer sending. Many of our affiliates grab a login to our members area to grab content and we can make custom banners as needed. Many just send an email with your size.

If you would like to receive emails we may start again now that we are filming again.


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I haven’t seen any updates within the NATS “Video Ad Tools” section since March… Any possibility we can get those updates started again as well? :slight_smile:

Even if you have low opening rates of newsletters doesn’t mean they are pointless. I have a feeling a lot of your more active affiliates do use newsletters. Doesn’t it matter who are opening them and who are not?

Do you offer a RSS feed instead?

It’s really inconvenient to have to login to grab content, we affiliates often just skip or forget and use someone else instead.


Hi everyone,

We will have a email going out this week with promo tools and Black Friday Sale deals coming up. I will take a look at the mp4 player, we may need to import these into NATS. We do have tons of videos from this year.

Thank you!

While I may not always open the newsletters, I do keep them because I have found some sponsors only put info in the newsletter and not in the affiliate area. The absolute most convenient thing is to have everything needed to promote that site right in the newsletter - download links, description, video clip link or embed. It isn’t that affiliates are lazy but usually busy. If your newsletters contain what I need to build a gallery and submit it, I will work with it first, then come back later. Otherwise, I use them as reminders to log in and grab materials. It would be great to have new treats for Black Friday and the latest lockdown.