Non adult products for adult traffic

Bit of a funny dilemma here.

I created a SFW (Safe for Work) mode on our discussion forum that mutes images and videos from showing, to give my members a mode that they can use to browse our site in public etc… or just where you might not like a lot of XXX content splashed all over your screen.

This brings up a bit of consideration, as I still have an inventory of banner spots that I need to feed to people using this tool.

Does anyone know of things to promote for something like this? The banners have to be SFW, and probably the products as well - I ought to not be showing them things that have XXX landing pages from that mode.

I guess another compromise might be to come up with an alert that they are leaving the site and there may be content that’s not suitable for their screen, given that they are surfing in a non pictorial environment, but I thought I might keep it simple and just choose a collection of sponsors who aren’t XXX, while not opposed to taking adult traffic.

Any thoughts on this?

My initial thought is to have you do the warning popup while you assemble a folder of non adult products that are OK with eventually being promoted within an XXX environment. As to the affiliate products I’d personally look into: hosting, WordPress themes, possibly an Amazon feed, but do be careful with that idea. Avoid anything borderline that could get your account banned.

While you may not see much, if any, sales from such items, it at least puts pretty pictures with safe to open links on your non-xxx site options!

If your SFW site is on a non-porn sounding URL, you can probably get by with a lot of other affiliate options. Again, read the Terms of Service before signing on.

Thanks @bec!

You’re welcome, and while there are literally thousands of products on Amazon, my head was thinking men’s briefs, muscle shirts and totally rad men’s fashion items. I’m sure even those types of underwear items will inspire other brand searches for affiliate programs.

My first thought was dating. Many dating sites, even when adult dating, will have SFW landers and promo tools, and this may be relevant for your users. This really depends on the site content though - the more relevant the ads are, the better.