NEWS FLASH! SWALLOWEEN has been EXTENDED due to high demand!

Carnal Media announces our annual Halloween Sale has been EXTENDED through NOVEMBER 5TH with $70.00 PPS on both of our Network sites, CarnalPlus and BarebackPlus!

CARNAL MEDIA has had so much success with our SWALLOWEEN Sale we have decided to EXTEND it for 4 MORE DAYS offering you a chance to still take advantage of high payouts on TOP CONVERTING Network sites at their lowest price ever at just $99 for 6 months FOR LIFE!

There has never been a deal like this! 60% OFF! Members will get all 16 sites under CarnalPlus or all 8 sites under BareBackPlus for the low price of just $99 for 6 MONTHS and your payout is $70.

If you are already signed up as an affiliate you are all set to take advantage of the $70 PPS payout but if you haven’t signed up yet, now is the time to do so!

For any requests or custom needs contact

Pierrick - [email protected]
Rina - [email protected]
Scott - [email protected]
Alan - [email protected]

Hey guys,

I have only checked Scout Boys and Raw Fuck Boys but I would assume I would see the same amoungst all of them…

Let me try to explain:

When I click my Raw Fuck Boys link:

I end up here:
*I can see that you are using “strack” which as far as I know means the my original NATS code has been switched for a new one but is being tracked.

My orignal NATS code “MTAzNzg1LjEuMTgxLjE4MS4wLjAuMC4wLjA”…
New NATS code “MTAzNzg1LjE3LjE4MS4xODEuMC4wLjAuMC4w”

Now on the Raw Fuck Boys Tour if I click the join link I end up here:
*All is well I can see my new NATS code has carried over “MTAzNzg1LjE3LjE4MS4xODEuMC4wLjAuMC4w”

However, back on the main tour if I click your Swalloween fly out tab that runs along the right hand side of the browser and click the link within that I end up here:
*Neither my original or new NATS code is present? I have a completely different NATS code “MTAwMDQ3LjEuMTgxLjE4MS4xNTMuMC4wLjAuMA” and no “strack”

Appears to be similar to the problem we encountered here:

Am I missing something?


Hello Kevin,

Thank you for letting us know about this error.

I will personally review this error with our tech team regarding the pop up banner for future promos.

As for your other link that you’ve shared. the issue has been taken care of.

I’ll update this thread once I’ll have more news to share regarding this.


Any updates on this?

Yes, it has been corrected.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you again for bringing it to our attention.

I was hoping for a little more info than it had been corrected like how does this keep happening?

This is the second time, that I’m aware of, that there have been links on tours that don’t contain affiliate link codes or incorrect NATS codes.

This sale ran from Oct 24th - Nov 5th and whoever this NATS code MTAwMDQ3LjEuMTgxLjE4MS4xNTMuMC4wLjAuMA belongs to profited from all sales generated with those fly out tabs & pop up adverts when some of those sales should have gone to the affiliates who sent the traffic.

I appreciate Pierrick is going to keep an eye out that this doesn’t happen again moving forward but it’s still frustrating.


Hey Kevin,

Alan B Head of Sales & Marketing jumping in here. First of all, our affiliates and their work/effort is extremely meaningful to us. We take care of our affiliates. Carnal Media has been growing fast since it launched in 2019 and the last few months alone been doing sales back to back to back in a short period of time. This type of mistake should have been caught and our QA process will improve. Kevin thank you for your note, hit me up directly if you have any further questions as well any other affiliates please email me directly [email protected] Thank you for the continued support.

A quick question about Carnalcash. When affiliates have questions, which one should we contact to? I have so many names on the list: affiliatemanager, carnaltyler, carnalscott, pierrick, carnalmike, alan, danny, ewan, carnalkiwi


Danny is our Head of Admin so he doesn’t deal with affiliates requests.

Myself (Pierrick), Scott, and Alan are your contacts for any requests you may have.


Thanks Tyler