NEW Network Site Launch - - $50 PPS


Happy Friday :wink:

On March 22nd, we will be launching a brand new network called The new network will include the following sites:

  • JockPussy
  • FTMMen
  • JasonSparksLive
  • RawFuckBoys
  • TwinkLoads
  • BoundTwinks - Release in April 2022

For the launch of the network, we will have a $50 PPS on the 6 month pricing option from 03/22 to 04/22. Both monthly and 3 months pricing options will be 50/50 rev share and the PPS will apply on the 6 month option ONLY.

This is an amazing opportunity to feature a brand new network under the CarnalCash umbrella as well as generating great sales and $$$. Here below are the pricing options we will be launching BarebackPlus

  • 6 Months - $74.95
    • Advertised as $12.48/month
  • 3 months - $44.95
    • Advertised as $14.98/Month
  • 1 Month - $19.95/Month

PS: As a side note, I would like to remind you that all sites taken away from our network CarnalPlus will be replaced by new ones right away.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Best Regards,

Great, just need the links so i can promote it. 22nd I guess?

Yes, the site will be ready by the 22nd

Using my NATS links for these sites: JockPussy, FTMMen, JasonSparksLive, RawFuckBoys, TwinkLoads and BoundTwinks I see “Bareback +” links at the top and bottom of the tours!

Do affiliates get credit for visitors who follow these links? I don’t see any tracking on these links.

The same things goes for your other properties such as Funsize Boys, Gay Cest, Twink Top and so on… Each of those tours have links for “Carnal+”… Do affiliates get credit?

I don’t see any tracking on those links that would suggest otherwise.


You’re observant and absolutely right. I just checked, and I also think affiliates don’t get credit from these sales.


The tracking code from subsites to network has been fixed. You should now get credited if someone click on the top header from any of our subsites coming from your traffic source.

Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.


Thank you :slight_smile:

What about the Carnal + link in the footer of each site, that has not be updated.

Upon a second look…

In addition to the Carnal+ links in the footers of each site, as mentioned by Huey, the same thing goes for the Bareback+ links on the bottom of each tour…

I have also noticed huge Carnal+ banners that appear mid way down pages with no affiliate tracking links… They are linked like so “

I’m also seeing slide out type adds on sites within the Bareback+ network with adds that ponit to links like this “” instead of the normal NATS “strack” coding used when switching sites.



These links will be worked on this week to get back to normal.

Thanks for taking the time to let us know.