Moving Wordpress to static HTML sites

I have several small Wordpress blogs that I really don’t update that much but they still generate some traffic and sales. I’m thinking about just switching these to good 'ol fashioned static HTML sites so I can avoid the Wordpress update and security issues. I wanted to ask if anyone else here has done this and if you have any advice.

  • What is a good, basic HTML editor? (Preferably free)
  • Where can you get pre-made themes?
  • Although I don’t update these sites often is there a trick or technique for adding new content in a somewhat easy way? That’s one of the strengths to Wordpress in my opinion.

If anyone can recommend a website or tutorial that covers these questions that would be great. Many, many years ago I played around with HTML sites but I forgot all that and feel like I need to go back to square one.

My husband was telling me a few weeks ago that there are WordPress plug-ins that will write out your website to static files (properly linked). I haven’t tried them, so can’t say how well they work or which is/are the best ones out there. But maybe start there. It should be the simplest solution.

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Thanks Jay, I did look into those but now I’m leaning towards starting a site from scratch in HTML so I’m wondering what people are using for that.

For static HTML you need a good IDE (Integrated Development Environment) - actually needing a good IDE is true no matter what you’re developing. You could do everything in a text editor, but an IDE will spot problems in your code and point them out to you.

I use PHPStorm from JetBrains. It does PHP, HTML, Javascript and more. They also have WebStorm which, if you’re not doing PHP or another back end scripting language, would probably be a good choice.

But those are just one option. There are many to choose from.

I use CodeLobster IDE but have heard good things about the one Jay uses as well.