Missing Sean Cody videos

Does anyone have information on why MindGeek pulled hundreds of Sean Cody videos off their site last December? My guess is that, after the PornHub debacle, a review of the content on all their paysites was undertaken and, if they discovered the 2257 information was inadequate, the content was pulled. I have not been able to get a confirmation from MindGeek that this was the case.

MindGeek bought SeanCody. com from Cody Media in 2015. It boggles my mind to think that a porn company would buy another porn company without assuring that there was full, legally compliant 2257 information for every model. It seems to me that Cody Media, given its standing in the industry, would never have cut corners in collecting and archiving 2257 info. Does anyone have knowledge of the situation?

Yes we noticed the video amount went down a lot when we updated our review for them last time. But we never got a solid explanation beyond that they are under review. I suspect it’s something to do with missing records or something similar. It’s been quite a while now so they probably won’t be putting it back.

My Adult Force rep said the scenes were pulled for a compliance check, but then the video files were damaged and they’re trying to rectify the situation. A pretty non-specific explanation.

I find it hard to believe the records were lost or damaged, but I guess anything is possible. I assumed the missing videos were removed because they were old, maybe not in HD. That’s what William Higgins does. They have probably hundreds of models from before 2008, 09 that are no longer on the site since they were shot in SD only. Quite a shame since there were some stunning guys in the early days. I’d still love to see them again even if only in standard def.

WH used to provide access to an archived version of their old site with all the videos and galleries they produced more than ten years ago. It was great to be able to go back and see those classic scenes. Unfortunately it looks like they removed that the last time they updated their site.