Micro-Niches Still Sell Even These Days!

Just want to remind everyone of this. Certainly almost everything has been done and done once again in porn - however, there are micro-niches that have not been explored fully and still have potential for paying members. I decided to create a site which combined 2 of my favorite niches into one - hot young Latinos with light piss play and the result was Latin Piss!

I announced the launch back in August and thank you for those who have already become affiliates of the site! Conversions are great because of the popularity of these 2 niches separately and put together for the first time ever there has never been a site like this before! The basics still work - hot youthful faces and bodies - thick uncut cocks - and high quality content all in one place and consistently week after week!

Exclusive content shot in a an exotic location with first time amateurs who actually look like they are having fun because they are! If you are looking for a fresh site to promote and are not already do it - get signed up! We are entering a new year and as it becomes more challenging to sell porn there is one thing will always sell - unique content! Give us a try and lets all make some money together!


Re: Micro-Niches Still Sell Even These Days!

I would LOVE to promote your site MiamiBoyz, however, I’ve had nothing but trouble with Verotel. I get no support from them at all when trying to get my payments and they won’t change my email address listed with them when I started using a new one. They owe me quite a bit of money but I’ll probably never see it. I’ve called on the phone, sent numerous emails and tried their live chat. Nothing.

I hear that Verotel is great with sponsors, but affiliates don’t get much in the way of support from them. I’m just being honest here is all. If you were with another company for your affiliate program I’d sign up up in a heartbeat.

I wish you all the best with it man. It looks like a great site and there is definitely a market for it. Good job. :slight_smile:

Re: Micro-Niches Still Sell Even These Days!

Sorry to hear this. I have never worked with them on the affiliate side of the fence so I can’t say I have had any experience there but I have found them to helpful with technical support issues I have experienced. As for payment I have received a check every week for over a decade from them with never a problem!

Why not send an email and request that Thomas handle it. I usually deal with him and he is very responsive. I always use this email: [email protected] which might be the one you have used BUT be sure to put attention Thomas in the subject heading.


Re: Micro-Niches Still Sell Even These Days!

Ok I’ll give it a try. Thanks Lee :slight_smile: If I can get these issues resolved then I can promote you.

Re: Micro-Niches Still Sell Even These Days!

Right on! :smiley:

If you sign up as an affiliate for my site then I would have no problem contacting them on your behalf to get your issue straightened out since it is standing in the way of business.

Re: Micro-Niches Still Sell Even These Days!

Yes, that would be awesome and thanks for offering to help out. Then I can also get that rather large check from another Verotel site I used to promote and do well with. Wouldn’t that be nice? :slight_smile:

I’ll be in touch about it. Happy Thanksgiving Lee.