MassPay/MG - Anyone know who this is?

Received a payment from them today in my bank account and I have no idea who they are…

Any help would be appreciated…


sorry no idea, not heard of them before.

could the “MG” refer to MindGeek and therefore AdultForce?

Bingo!!! Thank you…

I now recall they asked me for a copy of my drivers license a month or so ago so they could continue sending ACH payments… It seems they have changed how and who is processing these for them… Hence I didn’t recognize the name…

Thanks for the help…

MassPay appears to be a new payment solutions, I saw that Flirt4Free is now using them as well. There website is located here.

I sent them an email a couple days ago enquiring about how to sign up for their service to pay Webmasters, hopefully it’s an option we can use as the fees appear to be low and they have a lot of ways for international webmasters to get their money easier and faster.

If anyone else has input on using them I’d be interested to know!

I’m a bit hesitant, or rather not too optimistic. Due to money laundering regulations and banking I can’t see them being any easier than Paxum or work very well in the EU. But lets see!

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Yeah, it’s worth a try I guess. So far I can’t get a response from them, but I’ll keep trying.