Male Performer Database?

Is there any fairly reliable collection of information on male performers? For my non-gay sites, I can turn to IAFD and FreeOnes. IAFD does help a bit with the males, but I want … more. Some of the paysites have a model page, but most leave me wanting. Age, nationality, size, cut/uncut, etc is what I look for.

Thanks much!

Have a look at - they have a lot of info about performers on there and also links to the scenes they’ve shot.

I’ve been trying to build a database of performers. I’ve got nearly 22,000 in the database, but there’s a LOT of missing details. The database powers multiple sites this is the site that’s bareback focused…

Thank you both! These are EXACTLY what I needed.

Doing what I do (writing copy for affiliates and studios, including model bio pages) I regularly need to search for model info.

IAFD is the only one which seems to have a page for about 90% of the models I seek, but their information is often lacking and hasn’t been updated for a long time.

Ultimately it’s an investigative endeavor. No single site has all the information I need. I find myself checking IAFD, the sites mentioned above, searching for model pages on other studio sites and watching all the media I can access to ascertain details like cut/uncut, piercings, tattoos, straight/bi/gay etc.

I do much the same Conran. It really helps to be able to add such tidbits to the galleries I am building as well as sorting them into categories and even TGPs.

IAFD is massive and covers so much. I have found that if you send them an update it usually gets handled.