Mainstream non adult affiliate programs

Has anyone tried advertising non adult stuff with success?

Also anyone advertise meds for erectile disfunction etc?

I contracted for a site that was selling herbal viagra years back. They were making a killing. My focus was only on the PHP shopping cart side which at that time was on Magento.

Not sure how they were advertising or generating sales but they were also using a monthly subscription model to send the pill packets. I only saw their sales figures, no breakdown on where traffic was coming from.

Do you remember the name of it?

Sorry I do not. Getting invoices paid by them was such BS that I fired them and really never looked back.

No problem thank you

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I met a company doing that during BCams. I’ll look for contacts and if I can find them I’ll send those over.

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Just DM’d you Mark

I had few to zero success with any erectile medication. Whether to enlarge or sustain, they didn’t sell. I also didn’t do well with the fleshlight products.

Now, do you want products that will allow you to put affiliate links on your porn properties?? Or you building non porn sites?

Thanks for all the input. I definitely agree especially on the Fleshlight. I couldn’t sell a Fleshlight to save my life lol. As for erectile meds no luck on that either which seems very odd to me.

I am just wanting non adult affiliate links to add to some of my porn properties.

Well, I can tell you straight off that you can’t use Amazon anything. period.

Now here’s an interesting article on Diggity Marketing that may give you an angle you can use: Top 10 Best Adult Affiliate Programs In 2023

I know there are product sites like hosting, men’s clothing/underwear, gourmet foods, etc. Just read their Terms of Service before signing up. If in doubt, write and ask them if you can use their affiliate links on your Adult sites.

If I think of more items, I’ll post them here for you.

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Thank you. :smiley:

Slow loading but do check this out: Draft Kings Affiliate Programs Says they have over 1100 affiliate programs available, most look to be for online gaming. I’d bet you could land a whale or two with that! LOL

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If you decide to promote hosting, let me know :wink: