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I’m working on a non-porn gay blog where I talk about lifestyle, issues, etc., and one of the things I’m doing is reviewing non-porn gay movies.

I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with sites that sell gay movies. I’m not expecting to make much money on DVD sales, but I’m more interested in what sites are out there, if they have decent cookies, if they pay, are there sites out there where you can rent and watching streaming gay movies.

Is it worth using any of these gay sites or should I just send traffic to Amazon?

Like I said, I’m not expecting to get rich, but I might as well try and monetize this blog in some way. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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TLAVideo is one I can think of that I know has an affiliate program, maybe worth looking at if you haven’t already.

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I’d say maybe go with TLA also. For one, It’s going to have adult content available should the surfers wander into that area (a fairly safe bet), which Amazon won’t.

The advantage Amazon will always have is that people can buy virtually anything from them and you (theoretically) get commissions. And they’ll have tons more VOD.

Not sure if that makes up for TLA most likely having a much broader selection of gay cinema and a much higher commission should anyone go into adult areas of the site (18%) and buy something.

I would also keep in mind the Amazon agreement specifically mentions the word ‘obscene’ which is a very fine line for a gay-orientated site to cross should there be a complaint and it lands on the desk of someone with prejudices.

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Yes, I was thinking about that as well. And while this won’t be a gay porn blog, I’m certainly not going to shy away from talking about sexual issues, which some Amazon compliance rep could deem as being obscene. So it’s probably best to avoid Amazon.

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TLA actually has a very decent sized catalog and many of the movies on TLA you can’t find anywhere else. I shop at TLA quite a bit. If i were to do a blog like that I would look at what specials TLA was running at the moment and push those hard. They have some sweet deals.

The last time I bought from TLA I was looking for one specific DVD and ended up spending close to $150.

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Geez … I just signed up with TLA Video’s affiliate program and their affiliate cookie expires at the end of the browser session. Do you think movie buyers are more committed to buying than porn surfers?

I thought some of those 3 and 5-day cookies were pretty chintzy.

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As an example of someone who is doing it I know of this site:
Don’t know how well he does from it.