Looking to buy paysites or affiliate sites

Do you own a paysite or affiliate site that you no longer have time to manage or haven’t updated in a long time that is dying a slow death? I’m looking for interesting web properties to breathe new life into. Hit me up by email with links and the price you are looking for if you have a site you are thinking about selling!

dannyz @ zbuckz.com

Maybe contact TopBucks, just had a notice that they are closing their program. Not that it’s any good sites though…

Thanks. They have been around for decades, hard to believe they are closing!

Did they say when and do you have a contact? I never received this notice. Plus, I wonder if they are going to pay out affiliates before closing up?

There is no valid or working contact address for them, not had one for years. I only found out by the last paxum payment I had from them, it simply had a note saying “last payment, program closing”.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I got paid from them about 2 months ago lol. The lady that used to work there once told me they had over 100k members.