Looking for new shared hosting

I’ve had some blogs on an Amerinoc shared hosting plan for many years. I got in at a super low $4.99 a month special. Anyhow they just told me that plan will no longer be supported starting in November and I’m not sure if Amerinoc will offer shared hosting at all anymore. They still have it listed on their website but the email I got made it sound like they’re getting out of shared hosting. So can anyone recommend another cheap, reliable shared hosting provider?

Sorry no idea, not used shared hosting but Mojo Host have smaller dedicated servers starting at $150 per month.

I use Hawkhost for small HTML projects (no databases). They do allow adult content.

MojoHost and HawkHost are the two I use as well. I have all my major sites on MojoHost and a few small things on HawkHost. MojoHost starts at $29/mo for a virtual private server (which is a step up from shared hosting). Basically I’d recommend MojoHost first and HawkHost second.

We don’t offer shared hosting, but our VPSs start at $10. If you don’t need management that should do the trick. Check us out please - Shopping Cart - Mojohost

Oh and if you want a bundle - say with backups and some support, reach out and I’ll see what discount I can get approved for you. My email’s natalie at mojohost

I am considering switching to another hosting and your VPS always looked interesting, but now I’m confused with what you said about “if you don’t need management”. Does that mean that there is no technical support and one must manage his/her server all by himself?

Yes, that’s a good question which also interests me. I’m currently on Shared Hosting with CPanel. In the past two years since I had to take care of server management with my own very limited knowledge of such things, I could do anything necessary on CPanel and never had to use support.

Not to completely high-jacking this thread, I’m also with Hawkhost for my business projects and a personal site. I can recommend them as well.

Thanks for the Hawk Host tip. Their logo reminds me of Host Gator and I’m trying to avoid them so that turned me off to HH initially. But they do have a good shared hosting deal.

I found out that AmeriNoc will continue to have a shared hosting plan around $9.00 a month so I’ll have to decide if I want to stay or migrate to HH.

By the way, this is for about a dozen “throw away” Wordpress blogs I’ve had for years that still get enough traffic to justify renewing their domain names and paying for hosting, but not enough to go to a higher level plan like Mojo.

I have used Inventive Hosting UK for about 7 years now and love them. I use them for both my adult and mainstream sites. Awesome customer support. They do give you CPanel access so you save a lot of time on the trouble ticket routine. The fee is based on the storage not bandwidth, and it ranges from 2GB to 50GB and £16 to £80 pounds per year. You can pick your server location as well. I highly recommend them.

@Ben @naked @Attis
Most of MojoHost’s customers are managed, but server management as we offer it is a very hands-on service - some of our customers replace entire teams of sysadmins/devops with our support. So naturally, it is a separate cost. Reach out to me please and let me know your needs - I’ll do my best to propose a nicely discounted solution with full or partial support bundled in - email’s [email protected]