Looking for CMS

We’re about to start a reinvigeration of our Playgirl brand… moving it away from porn and bringing it back closer to it’s print origins.
BelAmi and Freshmen run on a custom CMS which is not really going to work for playgirl, so I am asking for some advise on choosing a CMS that is scalable, secure and easy to use (currently it runs on elevated-x) any suggestions?

What is it about ElevatedX you don’t like? Will help with recommendations.

nothing… just wnating to see if there are any potentially better alternatives…

Sadly I don’t know any other CMS, there seems to be so little on the market.

I suppose you already know MAS

Mechbunny is a little more tech-complex to run, but as result it is also a lot more versatile and malleable to your needs. It also comes with backing by Konrad’s team who are amazing developers (at a separate cost for custom development), so that would really be the only one other I’d suggest to check out.
ElevatedX is great though, so my main advice would probably be - if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

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Its a barren wasteland out there for CMS these days. We were MAS before 2017, and Ross was good, but it still was very limited in what it could do and needed them to do major custom work to make it near what we wanted it to be. It was Elevated or 90% custom off another backbone for us. We chose custom in the end.

I’m in a similar boat as you with researching CMS: I have experience with MAS, MAM, ElevatedX and a lot of custom ones and I’m trying to find a solution for some lighter sites and some heavier ones.

KVS (Kernal Video Sharing) is a new one that I’ve been playing with a bit for another program and I’ve got Mechbunny building a test on one site too. Both are very different and I would use them for very different types of projeccts, so it depends on what your needs are in a CMS.

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Slightly off-topic but Bel Ami purchased Playgirl? I must have missed that news. Did you obtain rights to all their magazines from the very beginning and have access to original copies of them? If so I’d love to see you scan and publish online all of their issues, or at least photos of all their models going back to the beginning. That’s something the previous owners of Playgirl online never did.

I still have memories of finding my mom’s Playgirl stash in her closet back in the 70’s when I was 12, giving me my first j/o material! Would love to see those guys again. You can’t even buy old issues on ebay anymore. :frowning:

We have an amazing custom CMA for our sites. You could probably use and it is super easy to use. PM me if you want to see more.