Looking for an explanation

Back in 2012, I was getting tons of traffic just from posting teaser videos on xtube, and it was generating decent traffic/sales. Looking at google trends, this was at a time when xtube was significantly less popular compared to 2008/2009 yet it was still making me money.

Nowadays, I post a teaser video on xtube and it generates next to no traffic anymore. My thoughts:

  • xtube users simply don’t pay for porn anymore because of the abundance of free content

but this is contradicted by the fact that my conversion ratio is still the same; if not better :S

  • there is so much content on xtube that my posts are getting lost in the mix, and thus no one is even seeing my videos.

Therefore it seems that it’s not that people aren’t interested in paying for my site, it’s just a simple lack of traffic.

What do you guys think?

Re: Looking for an explanation

A teaser video, are they the ones that show a time of 15 seconds?

If so, I avoid those things like the plague. I often go the xtube to look for videos to include in posts on my blog. It took me about 6 seconds to figure out that a video that says 15 seconds is just an ad for something else, so it doesn’t suit my need.

Now, I don’t go to tube to watch porn, but if I did, I would think the above would still apply.

People don’t go to tubes to buy memberships, but they will if the right video grabs them by the balls. Those 15-second videos just scream, “Waste of time” or “Nothing free to see here” to the masses who are just looking for free porn.

That’s my take and experience anyway.

Re: Looking for an explanation

Link us to one of your videos on there and I bet you’ll get the answers you’re looking for.

Re: Looking for an explanation

XTube surfers are certainly willing to spend money on content, but perhaps it’s simply easier to purchase the 24 hour streaming videos for videos provided by XTube Amateur accounts. XTube also just implemented a “purchase for life” option, but I’ve yet to see many people take that option. It may be, as dzinerbear alludes to, that surfers know that videos are either free, amateur for-pay videos, or sponsored vids. The folks looking for free aren’t going to bother with either 15 second amateur account previews or 3 minute sponsor clips.

Re: Looking for an explanation

I’m not sure I understand your question, are you posting with a ‘sponsor’ account or as an ‘amateur’ user?