Longer Promo Clips

I’m old enough to remember a time when studios offered 10 minute+ promo videos as “standard” for tube sites, but now it seems that ~40-60 seconds is standard, which seems like a waste of time to add these videos to a website and it creates high bounce rate.

Are there any studios that have longer promotional videos? I think something around 5 minutes is good enough.


Indiebucks or TreasureIsland have for example quite long trailers. Other programs allow access to their content so you can cut a suitable video yourself. For example, BuddyProfits allows you to cut up to 7 minutes as I recall, as long as the video premiered more than 6 months ago or something like that. Just ask the affiliate managers of the programs you are interested in. In most cases, they don’t mind cooperating.

oh, cool… I didn’t know you can get an access to their websites and cut videos yourself. I saw longer TreasureIsland videos on other websites, but for some reason I see only short videos in my aff area.

I will try to email them and ask.

We offer 4 minute videos. We will allow certain affiliates with a good track record, cut their own 7 min clips. As BGmen said, we restrict this to anything 2 months or older.