Latin Boyz Cash Not Paying

Be Forewarned!

Back in April I noticed they were running behind in payments so I contacted them by e-mail and they responded with the following…

Just an update. That third party company we hied to manage the program was a mess and we fired them. We just completed an audit and some payments have not been made in five months. Over the next month or two we will be sending them out in the order they should have been paid in the first place so it might be a little while before we are completely caught up (It was a large amount and sales have declined 30% since the inflation snd issues started. We also got banned from sending promotional EMail to AOL, Yahoo and GMail because of another website that shares the server that promotional emails are sent from but evidently that has been corrected and that should help us get back on track.)

I’ve worked with them for years and they’ve always been good at paying so I decided that I would give them the time they mentioned that it would take for them to get caught back up. So in June I emailed again inquiring about payments because I still hadn’t received anything. I never heard back and since have sent multiple emails from many different addresses and am still receiving no replies.

So at this point it doesn’t look like I will ever be receiving the money I am owed from them and it’s over $1000.

If anyone else is having luck getting paid with them and you have different contact information that I’m using ([email protected]) and wouldn’t mind sharing it with me I would appreciate it.


I had a slightly different email from them, but it again blamed the accounting person or company for issues with payments. They didn’t say anything about decline in sales.

I’ve only just chased them up again over non-payment which is well over due. No response. Just like you my experience with them before have been very good.

It’s a worrying trend because on one hand you have sponsors saying how amazing sales are but on the other clearly there’s cash flow issues as many sponsors are behind with payments.

This is a comment I had yesterday on the review of Latin Boyz, not looking good:

Stay away from this website!
I took a subscription. After 3 weeks i tried to cancel.
0 response. I tried email, form on their website and tried to contact klkla payment processor.
0 response. Also tried to call klkla 2 times, answering machine. Left message, no response.
Now i notice site is not updated any more.
Needless to say they keep taking my money each month.

I already put down a complaint for fraude at mastercard support.

We received a complaint from a subscriber saying Latin Boyz had stopped updating in June, customer service does not respond, and that he cannot get them to cancel his subscription. Has anyone else had complaints of this sort recently?

I researched this a while ago and came across a tweet of a close friend of the owner of LatinBoyz, who said that he passed. There was also a gofundme.

Really? I just assumed it was financial problems. That’s sad to hear but makes a lot more sense.

They posted the following on their site yesterday: is currently in a transitional period. We will be under new ownership when we return.
We at Latinboyz value all our members and are working very hard to finalize the transaction!
While we are working on this please enjoy all our current content.

thanks for sharing, ok so lets see what happens and if we will find out why it happened.

I just received another complaint from a subscriber to Latin Boyz who was not able to cancel his membership and was rebilled.

Yes and no word at all from whoever own it now IF someone else does that is.

Received the following email from them today:

Hi Kevin I’m sorry to inform you that Ken passed away and we been working very hard behind the scenes to get control of Ken’s accounts. What made matters worse is he died in Mexico and it has delay us from being able to do anything without a death certificate which we finally received. As of right now we are unable to pay anyone due to not having access to the company’s bank account which was only under Ken’s name.

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I did wonder if it was something like that. Let’s see how it goes.

Thanks for sharing.