Just an introduction

Hi peeps
I’m new here but not so new in the adult industry. I had projects of my own and worked for adult companies. I found this forum by searching for “adult webmaster forum”.

I’m a web developer and gay, of course. I’m mostly here because I’m looking for new opportunities in the adult industry regarding starting a new project of my own and partnering up with someone.

CHeers :slight_smile:

Hey Urban!

Welcome to the forum! Its a bit quieter around here than it once was but you wont find the drama you will elsewhere (making it one of my fave forums)

What sort of things you looking to do? Sure everyone here will be interested in hearing your plans :slight_smile:

Why quieter?

I’ve always wanted to have a project of my own. I did have a few of them, all failed. But it was all a leson. :slight_smile:

I kinda orbiting around adult projects. Nowadays I don’t put too much time into development, I build quick MVP and I focus more on customers

Ideally finding a partner to start a project with would be great

I mean Quieter compared to the “glory days”, there’s still life here, just the gay side of the industry has shrunk somewhat in the past few years, in so much as people bouncing around forums at least.

Have a read around the recent past threads, sure you will get a taste of what people are into in the industry.

Hope you find what your looking for :slight_smile:

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Hi Urban.
We’re new here too. Good luck with starting a new successful project!

Welcome to one of the best kept secrets! Yes, it is quieter, but I think it is more productive - the old quality versus quantity. You won’t see the drama or name-calling here that you see on other boards. It’s really a great group of people that work together. We may not always agree, but we do have a lot of respect for each other.

Great place to bounce new ideas off and see what sticks.

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Yes as mentioned, the forum is quiet but it also reflects the stats of the industry unfortunately. The golden years are long gone and a lot of people are no longer in the business. Much less sites and affiliates working in adult now. Don’t let it deter you though.

Really? I thought it was totally opposite, especially nowadays

No, there’s no doubt about the decline. Model sites like onlyfans etc has taken over. People’s habits have changed, spending less, getting more for free and majority of people using mobile etc while a lot of adult sites have remained focused around desktop especially when it comes to billing.

Well there is no choice, you cannot have adult mobile app, that is for sure

Welcome Urban. You found a great forum.

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