JFF is not gay friendly any more

JFF is blocking accounts. Women are in their support. Dominic is not answering to the messages. Probably they became too big to deal with gays :slight_smile:

I’m drawing a total blank here … who is JFF?

Just For Fans

Ah, thanks Huey.

They are another site that has been told to get rid of sexually explicit imagery or loose their credit card acceptance, right?

No, they just closed an account because I can not have a links to my sites, without any explanation and without any replies to my arguments.

This isn’t a first with these guys. I have had a few friends that have had similar issues in the past with JFF and are getting fed up.
I am curious if anyone else has heard of a new platform coming with 100% payouts to start and 90% after 6 months from thereafter. Anyone else heard about this and have specifics?
If you know about this or how to contact them, please let me know.

I would have thought it very unlikley and also I would be wary of any company who offers this as “high risk payments processing” often comes to over 10% in billing fees (surely closer to 15% to start), couple that with Server, CDN, and Streaming server costs and it becomes a totally un-viable business model. Honestly the companies offering 60-80% pay-outs are your best bets, with 70% being the happy medium.

Its better to be offered 70% and get paid than be offered 90-100% from a company who knows that they can never actually pay you out.

This isn’t a cheap industry to be in, the rates that are offered by most of these platforms have to take into consideration that a large percentage of what is on their servers may never be watched and getting some people sell their memberships at such a low price it becomes unviable to offer high % payouts. But almost all the longstanding platforms offering 60% (such as manyvids) to higher percentage 70+% (onlyfans/JFF) are sure to payout and on time and also bode much cheaper than running your own membership site.

Just for reference I am not in anyway linked to any Fan Sites personally, just sharing info based on the whole industries costs.

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As Pay site owner for me JFF was not a source of income. It was a way to expose my sites to gay society. I also had a lot affiliate backlinks to JFF on my sites. Now, what we have is: they lost a content creator and lost traffic to their site. And all this is because some “woman” in their support decided that I can not link my posts to my gay pay site.

JFF is run by a gay person (Dominic Ford), he used to be on this forum and is at all the industry events. Maybe you can try emailing him? I used to email him at [email protected] but you might want to try [email protected] as well.

We talked to him about setting up fan sites for our paysites and doing something similar to what you are describing, and he sounded fine with it at the time (just never got around to doing it). Would be interesting to hear how he responds to this.

Should I even reply to the gross misogyny and ignorance that pervades your post? First, what is wrong with a woman being employed by my company? Second, it was most likely Alice, who is non-binary and is they/them and not a woman. Secondly, our policy of not having links to other sites has nothing to do with gay or straight. So your entire premise is absurd and offensive.

You have already said you only wanted to use our site to feed traffic to yours. And not to actually use our site to make money on the site. That’s not what our site is for. We’re not a free tube site supported by ads that can act as a traffic source for you. We only make money off sales on our site. So if you’re not interested in using our site as it’s intended, you are free to go elsewhere. If you’d like to make us an affiliate, and make your links affiliate links so we make money on the traffic we send you, we’d consider it.

We allow some links to be in your bio. These links are only shown to your subscribers, because see above for why we exist.

Your post really pissed me off. We give hundreds of thousands of dollars back to the gay community every year and sponsor everything. This year we are the presenting sponsor for Grabbys EU and USA and sponsor so many gay parties every month. So check yourself before you say things like we aren’t for gay people anymore. We aren’t for people who have no intention of being part of our community and instead just want to use us and our traffic to make money outside of our site.

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Your page is 500 spam posts with links to your website. No, that’s not in the spirit of our community or site.

Thank you for replying Dominic. I think that it’s just silly that anyone would question if you guys are “gay friendly.” Thanks for continuing to work with affiliates and paysite owners! Just to be clear, here is how we had planned to use your system:

  1. We’d sign up for an account under the “studio.” Then we would upload a mix of full videos, exclusive behind the scenes footage, as well as some partial scenes. Obviously this would all be billed through the JFF Platform.
  2. In some cases, we might upload a trailer or partial video and in that case try to upsell them to our paysite. We’d be happy to offer this as an affiliate link so JFF would make 60% off any of these affiliate upsells.
  3. We also have a lot of models that have JFF accounts. We would add their JFF accounts to their model profiles (with a JFF affiliate code) so we are also sending traffic back.

Would you be open to this kind of arrangement and are you currently doing it with other studios? I think it can be a great way for fan sites and pro membership sites to work together. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your reply and stay well!


Yes, on a case-by-case basis with producers we trust to use our platform in the correct spirit, an arrangement like this would surely work.

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Awesome! Looking forward to working with you. Happy Holidays! :slight_smile:

My silence doesn’t mean I agree with you. I just don’t want to debate in public.

Dominik has always been great and I’ve never pegged him as homophobic in anyway.

As for women working in support that really shouldn’t be an issue. I let a woman moderate my message board and members about lost their mind. She was a huge fan of the site and nice and great but I couldn’t even let her be a moderator because all the backlash I got. It was ridiculous.

Like men, women can be assholes or they can be competent. I feel that the nature of someone’s genitals shouldn’t be an issue in itself.


Are there any studios that have been succesful at fan sites? I tried putting unpublished solos and snips of video on JFF but it made much less than it cost to produce. What should a studio do to be successful?

Bill, write into our customer service. Our model/studio liaison Alice. Can help you.

Both Studfist and Cutlers Den are on JFF - they do well considering we have dot coms - they add about 5% to our customer base