Is XTube Really Closing

Several of us have gotten the attached.

I get the very same message when I log in.

WTF that’s crazy

Maybe we will see an increase in sales?

Don’t think we will see much impact, it’s mainly amateur videos uploaded by users. It’s a positive step though.

I’m guessing it’s due to xtube being unable to verify age of participants in the videos, like on Pornhub were they took off all videos uploaded by unverified accounts.

The question is if MasterCard / Visa will force other tube sites to do the same. So far it seems to be only Manwin that’s affected. There’s others like Xhamster that also depend on credit card processing.

It’s official:

If rumors are true that fan site processing will come under attack next then I do think we could see a new growth surge towards professionally managed studio sites and solo model sites again. I think everyone knows that the studios have always been better at following the 2257 laws then models with their fan sites, though let’s see if that will change now that some of the fan platforms are just starting to require 2257 docs.

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It’s plausible but I don’t dare to hope for it.

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What about the members whose tastes have shifted over to the new wave of self produced content out there?

One has to admit that there’s a much more diverse array of performers out now with people able to self-promote, than there was when there was only a handful of producers calling the shots on who was was out there.

I can see users from Xtube just going over to fan sites instead.

You mean like OnlyFans?

yes, maybe

Yeah but doesn’t Mindgeek still run a dozen or so other tube sites? When they’re down to one, that’s when the shit gets real.

They have many!