Is this genuine or some kind of scam?

I’ve been getting emails from a certain company called “Ad-Maven” for at least a year now. They seem to be some kind of advertising company. The level of emails I get from them is verging on spam, although I guess there’s a possibility they might be legit.

Recently they started sending me some “offers” that look more custom tailered to my blog. For example:

And so they send me similar emails almost every day. As dodgy as these emails appear to be, I wonder if they might be genuine? Does anyone else get these emails from “Ad Maven”?

Yes I get them too and a few others on a regular basis. I just ignore them.

Thanks Bjorn, I will continue to ignore them.

I’m getting those too… also similar emails from different company names. I have blacklisted their email addresses.

Mostly Scam.
They email “everyone” at QC so I get about 8 copies of this email forwarded to me from every mailbox. I’ve begged everyone to mark this spam. Same from the guys at Evadav.

It’s for those clickbait banners - Doctors say to STOP EATING THIS NOW.