If you need content look here

We have had some people interested in buying content and normally we would never sell our content but we decided to sell our content in a non exclusive manner because of the entire covid issue. This will help other companies with updates. You can buy content from any of our properties below. Please PM me or email me at mark(at)blumedia.com for a login or more details. If anyone else wants to add content for sale they can add to this post if they want. Stay safe!

GayBoysFeet we also have some content but the site is not online.


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A few questions Mark (I’ll post here in case others may have the same questions):

1.) Are you selling the clips as they appeared on your sites or are you offering the raw footage so we can edit our own version?
2.) If the answer to # 1 is the clips are the edited versions on your sites, some of these have watermarks of the site name in the corner so will those remain?
3.) Are you including the 2257 docs?


Yes we are selling content that appeared on the sites. Most of what we have is already edited but no watermark so you can add your own. Yes all 2257 docs are included. If you have anymore questions don’t hesitate to ask.


Anyone interested please email me at mark(at)blumedia.com. I think someone messaged me through GayDemon but I think it is gone.

Yes sorry might have got lost in the transfer.

No problem

I emailed you looking for affiliate content, which has been scarce during the pandemic.

Hi can you email me again at [email protected]

We are looking for content partners for new gay site. Asia focus but will also have all niches and genres outside of the gay porn community.

Its revshare and payment is based on youtube views payment system except we include downloads and streams revenue.

Nice how is that coming along?