I status checked all my CCBILL sponsors

It’s been a few years since I really worked on several of our blogs, preferring to focus on the most profitable. As a result the sponsors in my long list at CCBill have barely been used in that time, I haven’t needed to check in on any.

I had a little time yesterday and started going through the list one by one, a hundred and something.

80% of them are dead.
10% of them no longer update/recycling content.
5% have deviated so far from their theme they’re just posting clips from 90s movies, same stuff anyone can find on tube sites.

Of course, CCBill doesn’t let you remove them from your list, so we’re stuck with a full page of sponsors that no longer exist or are not worth promoting.

It’s just a bit sad, you know?

It’s very sad. There’s still some good ones left but over years there’s more dead ones that alive. I had at one point 700+ active ccbill sites.

CCbill used to also provide the largest monthly payment for me, for many years. And by a huge margin but now it’s not even the top one.

CCBill is still my top one, but that’s only because we focus so much on the masturbation/str8 guys niche and that’s where most of that handful of sites are.

Having said this, even that pool of sites seems to be shrinking. We got in touch with one because we couldn’t find any new affiliate content from them and they said they were quitting soon. Another stopped sending out affiliate content about 4 or 5 months ago. A third one I have to go looking for content because we stopped getting emails from them, tried inquiring and their email addy is bouncing.

It’s a bit depressing.
Whenever I check any of the mainstream sites it’s the same faces, same themes, same old content being rehashed and republished.

I feel like we might have maybe another couple of years before all that’s left is ten tube sites and Onlyfans.

I should add that the twink themes seem to be doing well. Boyfun, Jawked and DoggyBoys are all great and have interesting guys and good themes.

I just wish there was more to choose from for our niche! lol

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