How to get traffic for gay affiliation program

I i want to make money by sending guys to top sites like which ( its a gay 4 pay niche) will add funds for my new site creation, does anyone have any idea where i can either buy or get free gay traffic i was thinking maybe subreddit

This could be a very long post, but I’ll keep it as short as possible.
These are just my opinions.

The days of just getting traffic and sending it to an affiliate program to make money are long gone. It used to be that you could buy a domain, stick some photos and links on it and start making money. That’s not the case now.

You can’t just spam online communities with links either, you’ll be banned within days.

My advice is to buy one really good domain and cheap hosting (it costs about $5 a month, at most). Stick Wordpress on it. Start writing about the sites, the scenes and the guys, and then find other things in the theme to write about, as entertainment (no links).

Stories, experiences, reader opinions, polls, site reviews, community discussions… give readers a reason to come back, make it interesting, funny, controversial (within reason). If all you’re doing is posting the same photos and videos as the 50 other affiliates in that niche with nothing new or interesting there’s little reason for people to remember you or want to come back.

Once you have the site set up and you have a plan to write about things while adding affiliate posts among them, then you can start working on social media. Twitter, NewTumbl, Reddit etc, they’re all good sources of community interaction which can get you a good following, but not if all you’re doing is spamming links and hoping someone will buy.

It takes work and ingenuity. You need a site that people want to visit, and you need to build those communities on social media by interacting with that audience, reposting their content, liking posts, following people.

I would recommend taking the time to think about what you could post to your own domain other than just affiliate content. Organize a schedule. Make sure you’re willing and able to put the time and effort into writing that content.

Just my opinions. Other people might disagree.

Edited to add: Buying traffic isn’t a good idea. A majority of it is junk and won’t get you any sales. People usually buy traffic just to boost their ad impressions (which is technically fraud in most cases) or to just boost their SEO signals. These aren’t active buyers of porn site subscriptions.

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