How are you guys selling domains these days?

I’m thinking about unloading some old domains from my portfolio and was wondering what the best way to do this is in 2020. I’m not too concerned about promoting the sales, I can do that on forums like this. But how are you guys actually completing the sale, getting paid and then transferring the domain? Is Sedo still the way to go or are there better options?

You might want to try listing it on GoDaddy if you aren’t in a hurry to sell. I have had some luck selling a couple domains that way. It’s one of those things that can take a long time though. I sold a couple of domains for around $1,000 that I paid $10 for years ago, so wasn’t a bad return on investment. However the offers come in randomly and can take a long time so if you are in a rush to sell you’d probably want to either price lower or list in more places.

Thanks Danny. Anyone else have some suggestions?