How Are Sales in 2022

How are you finding sales in 2022? More specifically since Feb?

I’ve seen a noticeable decline in sales of around 15-20% in March and April is looking just as bad if not worse. This is after last year was looking better than the previous year and despite increasing traffic by 10% in the last 12 months.

Do you think it’s the war in Ukraine having a impact, inflation or perhaps a combination of the two?

Yes, I definitely have the same observations. It’s as if someone cut 1/3 of the sales with a knife. I can’t think of a better explanation than inflation. Food and fuel have become quite expensive, so people are likely to compensate by limiting any additional costs.

There was a surge from the pandemic and now I think the pandemic is not so much a worry and the war and gas prices and everything else is not helping. I can’t complain though sales are still good here but Tuesday and Wednesday are the worst.

April looks really bad so far.

March 2022 was up 6.5% in new joins for us over March 2021. Not much, but not down at least. 20% fewer than March 2020 when the pandemic surge kicked in those last 3 weeks.

April is lagging slightly, but is on pace to be close to even at least.

I have to say that not only are we not seeing any decreases, but our increases are record breaking for us. Granted, we have added some new sites and a new network since March 1st but comparing last year March 1st through yesterday and this year for the same period, hits are up 37%, and joins have increased by 18%. Rebills are up 48% from the same period last year and payout to affiliates has increased 68% as well. Bottom line, we are up 83% income wise.
I do know that Legrand Wolf, our CEO has been fortunate enough to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to production as well as keeping our company growing.
I am bringing this up hoping that it is helpful. Helpful in the sense that if you are an affiliate or partner, and you aren’t selling Carnal stuff as much as you could, our content is making money. Lets work together so our content can make more money for you too!

Hi Scott,

not sure if you know it but all your sites are not compatible with IPV6.

Sales were up for me in Feb by 30%, since then it’s been down again. This month has been abysmal for new sales. Might be the worst month I’ve had in the last ten years.

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We have many customers using IPv6, notably everyone on Comcast cable internet, and this is the first ever report. There is no particular restriction on IPv6 on our end. Please contact us directly so we can diagnose the problem directly with you and escalate to a technician.

The year started really strong in January (a record month for us) and February, but definitely a little slow down in March and April. I’m sure it’s the combination of things everyone is mentioning: taxes, Covid mostly being over, war, inflation, gas prices etc.

I’m up 11% YTD over the same period last year. And up 20% the last 4 weeks over the same 4 weeks last year. (Both numbers are just for PPV Networks + NATS-based sponsors - I don’t closely monitor other sponsors.)

French Twinks for March & April seen a general increase for us of around 30% on last year (combination of rebills and joins)… New joins are steady for us even a little up since we launched our new series the end of last year. Although rebills have held stronger this year than in years previous and made up for a around half of this increase.

Our conversion rate for YTD vs last year has also been much better with around 1:90 avg…

From a personal affiliate side things are not so Rosey, my sales are down generally by about 20% on pay sites, although cams and gaming have seen an upturn of over 200% compared to 2020 & 2021 (sadly they weren’t that big an income source for me originally so the increase has not made a massive difference, but its been noticeable in Nifty stats)

I’m not in sales, as such, but I am in reviews for affiliate review sites, and I’ve noticed a hell of a decline in demand for review writers/writing. I wonder if such sites are on the way out? I hope not, as it’s my source of income, but reading some of these posts, I assume there’s a decline in sales via reviews because there’s a decline in porn-buying generally, for the many reasons stated above.

Ok, well here goes.

I’m seeing very different to what sponsors are saying.

I send more or less the same amount of traffic now as I did a year ago. While sales have decreased. Sales Ratios have gone down by about 20% and rebills down by 20% as well. Overall luckily amount of income has not declined 20%, only 7-10%.

This is due to getting a lot more sales on live sex. Sadly I get a lot more there now than some of the major programs that used to be big. There are some exceptions though, the sponsors that come up with new interesting sites still sell a lot while the ones that just have the same old sites are declining fast.

The conclusion I can make from this is that I send as much as I did a year ago while sponsors just don’t convert as well, people don’t spend money as easily while also clearly more interested in fresh things like live sex and new interesting sites.

I can only guess that those sites are seeing what I am, decline in ratios to sponsors. But I’m sure you are right, people are probably less interested in reviews now. It’s more social media now.

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Review/discount sites still rank first for affiliates, and after type in, email for us. Social is behind a few good blogs/photo sites for us.

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I think the business needs to get back to themed content. It seems to me the sites that do well all have a niche, we’ve slipped too far into a homogeneous mess where all the major studios are just copy/pasting their videos from one site to another and there’s nothing unique or interesting about them.

Remember what NextDoorBuddies used to be? Maskurbate? ChaosMen? FratPad?
That’s all gone now. It’s the same handful of models on the same sets, doing the same things, in recycled themes.

Well so many and I would dare to say half of all sites are now gone, just look at the sites that remain under ccbill so few now. All of them unique, some not great but others unique and fun. I think it’s just very difficult to survive in porn now days and simply difficult to make it pay for making unique content.

Sadly some sites closed down due to simply bad management, Fratmen amongst many others. Such a shame that all that great content got lost from all those sites.

CCBIll sites are the ones that do the most for me personally.

Several of my clients like to focus on specific themes or styles and once they have enough of that content (and often ancillary and complimentary non-sponsor content) they can do well with it. It seems to work for them even with some of the more mainstream porn.

Really is a shame that so much of the business is just following the same format.

Sales are good.
March was a little soft but we are back on it.