Hosting Recommendations?

I need a host for a couple of non-porn WordPress blogs and looking to see what you guys recommend. I haven’t kept track of stuff like this since I took down my porn sites so I’m outta the loop!

Yes I really don’t know either. I use Digital Ocean for non-porn stuff but it’s a bit complicated to use.

I put most of my non-porn stuff on my main (mostly porn) server using a different IP address. But there are a few things I have elsewhere and for that I use HawkHost. They’re straightforward cPanel, have good (CloudFlare) DDos protection, and are inexpensive.

We now have a mainstream branch, with the same high quality support. Reach out and let us make an offer!
[email protected]

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i still swear by Inventive Hosting for my WP and TGP empire. The biggest reason I have been with them for well over 5 years is I can do a lot of simple things like setting up email addresses, adding domains, and adding WP installs by myself through the control panel. Of course, if I need help, they do have a wonderful staff that does understand both of the platforms I use. You can choose your locations as well. I have 1 set of domains in Rotterdam and the rest in the UK. Love their pricing as well.

Thanks Jay, I’ll check it out for sure!

and Pyewacket, I’ll check into your recommendation as well!

Email sent! :smiley:

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Yeah, their shared hosting prices are amazing as is the list of everything that is included. I am probably going to go with their 20GB package. It’s only $44.98 USD per year. Thanks again for the heads up on these guys, much appreciated.

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Sorry… been swamped offline the last couple of weeks.

The price on Inventive is neat, but then their tech support is great. For basic TGPx and WordPress, I love it. Del and his crew will happily answer your questions and help you even with transition. They don’t pretend to be the mighty Mojo, and I would certainly not use them for a paysite. But for WordPress? I hope you like them half as much as I do…