Holiday Content?

Some of the old school link lists do layouts for the main holidays - Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc. I have never seen a lot of sponsor content for any of these but then, I may not be looking in the right place. Does anyone really go nuts for these? Bjorn, are you going to dress up Wired for Christmas?

Dear god no… i don’t do any holiday themes. It just a big hassle and too much work. I think we get enough of Christmas on TV, adverts, shops… and just about everywhere else.

I usually blow most of them off, but, well, it never hurts to ask. I will also know not to submit any (I do not normally anyway)!

Be very grateful you are on the sane side of the Atlantic. Halloween is today, and Christmas decor is already on most store shelves and has been all month. I remember bitching that Christmas music should not be played in October when I worked at WalMart. December 1st is early enough, thank you. It is nice to have the glögg early though.