Help needed- warning pop-up script needed for adult content

Hi everyone. I’m in Australia and I’ve just seen a notice that the government is considering restricting adult content on the net more fully. What this actually means or will end up being I’m not sure yet but it will probably follow the UK system. I don’t know anything specific about that either.
So I think it’s wise for a small player like me to adopt a system like belami’s for example. There are lots of deep links around to my stuff and I think most punters do not enter via the warning page. Your help would be most appreciated.

A warning popup won’t make you comply with any adult verification requirement. If Australia goes the same way as other countries are planning to do then it’s only through age verification system which for free sites isn’t financially viable.

Yeah. It will kill lots of websites, especially free/amateur ones, I won’t be able to keep my websites up, but it will benefit corporate porn industry as they will get rid of small competitors.

I’d like to see anyone who genuinely believes this is only about “protecting” children and making internet “safer”, though.