Help needed- warning pop-up script needed for adult content

Hi everyone. I’m in Australia and I’ve just seen a notice that the government is considering restricting adult content on the net more fully. What this actually means or will end up being I’m not sure yet but it will probably follow the UK system. I don’t know anything specific about that either.
So I think it’s wise for a small player like me to adopt a system like belami’s for example. There are lots of deep links around to my stuff and I think most punters do not enter via the warning page. Your help would be most appreciated.

A warning popup won’t make you comply with any adult verification requirement. If Australia goes the same way as other countries are planning to do then it’s only through age verification system which for free sites isn’t financially viable.

Yeah. It will kill lots of websites, especially free/amateur ones, I won’t be able to keep my websites up, but it will benefit corporate porn industry as they will get rid of small competitors.

I’d like to see anyone who genuinely believes this is only about “protecting” children and making internet “safer”, though.

Well maybe someone needs to set up an avs system that we can use- the “good old days” of UGAS, Mancheck, Mansites etc might have to be resurrected. I know our sites are currently “free” but a bit of creative thinking could compensate, even offering 5 to 10 minute clips for the producing sites could be enough to encourage punters to take out a pass- just a thought.
For example Belami could start providing longer samplers.

I am playing wait and see. For one, all of my sites carry the RTA and mature meta tags. I know it isn’t much, but it is there and always has been. The US can rant and rave all it wants, but they need to realize that they do not own the internet by themselves and their laws do not apply outside of their physical borders. Anyone with a VPN can bypass the geographical barriers states like Utah have tried to impose. Second, who is going to keep all this data? The privacy laws in the EU are radically different than those of the US.

Most porn is as real as Godzilla, which isn’t saying much. To me, there are far worse things a child can view than porn, like the bigoted hatred that floods the US, or the anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric. I would rather have my child have a drag queen read to them than a bigot.

Don’t get me wrong - I am more than happy to use whatever system they can come up with that is acceptable and reasonable. But, where are the parents? Why is there no responsibility put on them? Are they not supposed to supervise their children? Or, do they just have to lay back and expect the rest of the world to raise their children?

Sure, me as well… waiting to see. However i’s not just the us. Several other countries as well, including the UK, France and Australia.