HelixCash rules update

What do you think about new rules HelixCash pushed today?

No Helix video content in a tube format
No use of Helix trademarks in SEO or your website.
No use of the words Free Helix Gay Porn or any other such marketing tactics.

It’s a shame, it was one of the few sponsors that convert very well on tube / video traffic. I’m not sure what the intention or reason is, he seems to be worried about SEO. However I think he fails to understand that while he might be able to get the content removed from us smaller affiliates he has no chance to get it off the really big sites which is also the ones that score for SEO. Those really big sites like Macho Tube do not respond to DMCA and doesnt give a shit about rules.

I guess he wants it to be more unique and not too easy to find his content any other place than his own site. However it’s a little too late for that. I warned site owners years and years ago about tube sites but everyone was falling over each other to upload things everywhere. And most affiliates like myself had little choice, if you can’t beat them join them. He’s also punishing the wrong people, the affiliates that use his promo content isn’t the problem.

What it will mean is his affiliate sales will decline by quite a drastic amount, I don’t think he understands that and the impact it will have. Any sales from “SEO” gained won’t be enough to cover the loss, which means overall he will have less income, less to spend on production while legal costs will go up trying to police this.

Saying all that, I do understand and can’t blame him. I honestly wish there was no promo videos and no tube sites, I would happily shut down my own video section if the other sites disappeared.

Nothing heard here not that they generate much anyway!

GayDemon, exactly what I thought.
We are losing traffic to full video sites while having all “affiliate related” issues.
It’s like third time I must say - well, I had to choose the dark side back then :smiley:

I think this email is a slap in the face of affiliates and a bit of an insult, too.

  • Video trailers can’t be posted on tubes, but it’s okay to use them in blogs. What’s the difference?

  • I understand that it’s bad practice to use a domain like helix-studios-videos.com but they are talking about SEO. Basically that means that if you have used Helix Studios in a heading (<h2> or <h3> for example) or have used “helix-studios” in a slug, you’re not in compliance with their new rules. What about title tags? Meta tags? Off-site links? A huge part of our job is SEO!

They clearly want to take sales away from affiliates and want to increase direct sales instead. To accomplish that they gotta make things harder for affiliates, which would not even been that bad if it was nearly impossible to find full-length Helix videos elsewhere.

You really don’t have to be a rocket scientist to find 99% of their videos for free. It feels like they are fighting the wrong battle…

I think the easiest way to comply to their new rules is to simply delete everything. I’ll look into it when I have some spare time… it’s low priority.

I asked Keith about the SEO, and his response was that it’s aimed at the video sites not the blog/review sites.
His letter could have been clearer but here is his response:

“Thanks for reaching out. Our concerns on the SEO are more for the few sites that attempt to get our names into google in a way that directs surfers to them when looking for us. Blogs and our name in them is perfectly ok, thats how the system works and google treats it as such. Some tubes and others try and recreate a Helix section of their site and a distribution point for our content, which is not whats intended for an affiliate program.”

And, I agree with Bjorn that this is a bit of a closing the gates after the horses are out.

Thank you for sharing Mary. The initial email could have been clearer indeed… also if they don’t want their videos on tubes, then mentioning the whole SEO thing was superfluous.

Well… when i search for Helix Studios I see Porn Hub, Xvideos, xnxx.com, gay0day.com all on page 1. Xvideos being the worst with 140 pages full of helix videos that are all full scenes. These are all tube sites that do not use affiliate content and only have stolen / pirated videos. So how is taking away affiliate videos going to make any difference?

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And again, he slaps the wrong hand :frowning:

I give this six months, when his sales drop through the floor he’ll be back saying, “Good news! You can use our videos again.”

If he thinks that people won’t find his videos on the tubes and they head on over to his site, that’s not going to happen.

Removed all content and Helix Studios category on my tube as requested :slight_smile: … Still see alot of tubes using their videos , so he has alot of work ahead of him

Lets see if we are gonna get paid now.

2019-11-16 Pending Not Yet Paid Not Paid $1,199.63 International Wire Details
2019-12-16 Pending Not Yet Paid Not Paid $1,175.71 International Wire Details
2020-07-01 Pending Not Yet Paid Not Paid $823.07 Paypal Details

Havent had a reply from Keith on skype in 17 days now. One should think the communication would be better…

Fratmen v2

I have a pending payment as well, for months. Emailed, support said it should forward it to accounting, never heard back again from either, tried a follow up email, now im just getting ignored. Scammers…

“support said it should forward it to accounting” - got the samme message last month, then nothing . Account Balance is now over 5k :frowning: