Have models been a pain in the ass lately?

Since the pandemic started models have been super flaky and very hard to deal with. All the other studios have been having issues too as far as I have heard. Everything has completely changed since the pandemic. What has your experience been?

The pandemic is hardly related. Models probably make enough money through platforms like JFF and Only Fans, so they don’t want to do anything else.

I definitely agree but Only fans has been around for awhile. This has become a way bigger issue once the pandemic started and still today. I know Only Fans doesn’t help things that is for sure.

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I think the pandemic had an effect for sure, especially with recruiting new guys. A lot of last-minute cancellations and cold feet with newbies. Plus, you were not really meeting new guys at the gym and typical recruitment places for more than a year, so you had a smaller pool of new talent.

With more highly sought after talent that had their fan base, they were pickier about taking shoots with others for a while and I don’t blame them. They lived off less effort on OF and JFF for a while, but I think we are on the downside of that trend (hopefully, finally)

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Why do you think we’re on the downside of that trend?

I think it’s possible for a few reasons:

  1. Models need studio shoots to keep being exposed to new paying porn members.
  2. The market saturation has gotten critical on most sites, so unlesss they are driving traffic to their OF or JFF, they aren’t really making as much.
  3. Poornhub payouts have dropped a lot too
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I agree that the last two years has been especially difficult to find new talent, but also that there is some light at the end of the tunnel with regards to what Nighthawk pointed out. The worst culprits in my experience are those who are popular on OnlyFans and have large followings, because they suddenly think they are “famous” and therefore better than everyone. I’ve had some of these guys flake at the last minute (because maybe they took a better escorting gig instead), ask for absurd amounts of money, or just be plain arrogant and rude. I always remember these guys and if they ever need our help or work in the future, I’ll remember how they treated us and act accordingly lol…Karma. :stuck_out_tongue:

The OF/JFF platforms have traditionally profited mainly off of Twitter traffic, but now that Twitter is so flooded with porn spam and free content I think the pool of people actually clicking through to pay for porn is shrinking. Additionally, I’m seeing more and more performers getting kicked off of Twitter and then having to create new accounts and back up accounts (like a game of whack-a-mole) to keep getting any of that low quality traffic. I also think consumers are tired of seeing the same model jerking off 100 times or having sex with the same 5 pornstars over and over again. So I do feel pretty optimistic that a lot of surfers will realize the value of studio sites over the next few years and hopefully the models will also realize that they need to work with us instead of against us to survive.

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I agree with what everyone is stating, especially DannyZ, he is spot on. The guys that do OF & JFF they all think they are special. What I try to do is explain to them its important to work together. If they do studio work, the members of the website, will then purchase or at least follow that particular guy they’ve seen on the site, hence the model increases there membership, but unfortunately, they don’t see it that way and they all become arrogant and rude. Its been very challenging to get models so hopefully with our economy, new guys will come out of the woodwork and start applying, the talent pool has certainly shrunk.