Good Top Lists?

Does anyone have good top lists to share? I know its a very old way of getting traffic but I’ve never tried it and would like to test it out.

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No. Most of the ones with decent traffic have a lot of “young” sites on them.

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Yes I do remember seeing that. :grrr:

Re: Good Top Lists?

I actually am getting really good traffic off a couple of top list sites.

For starters, I am getting FANTASTIC traffic off this top list site that is geared to an older crowd.

I cannot speak highly enough on that site. I even post my freesite links, and the return traffic is OUTSTANDING. The only problem? It hasn’t translated into any sales. But I only have 9 freesites, so maybe I need to make more?

A close second is

That too gives a great return on traffic. But getting back to, if you scroll to the very bottom, there are about a dozen more Other Great Daddy, Older Men And Seniors Toplists. I submitted all of my sites to those lists, and it has boosted my traffic to about 40%!

Hope this really helps you Bjorn.

Re: Good Top Lists?

Wow Terry, those look interesting. I think I might get in on this action too. He He. Thanks for posting them.