Gay Site Seeking Content Partners - with NEW Incentive Program

Pre Opening on 4/15/2021

To get the special pay rate please start to upload the videos by the end of the month. If you need time we are offering extensions. Just ask.

Contents owners must give us video info spreadsheet as early as possible
before the setting up all the dates (release dates etc)

Over 20 tiles - what they make x 1.2 + $200 (3 month from the opening)
Over 50 tiles - what they make x 1.5 + $500 (3 month from the opening)
Over 100 tiles - what they make x 2 + $500 (3 month from the opening)

So usual earnings bonus PLUS $200 to $500 BONUS BONUS!!

Site is not live but it is produced by the owners of tokyo-hot dot com - One of Japan’s biggest adult sites. Tons of hard BDSM, gangbangs and fetish content PLUS more than 100 content producers from around the globe.
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Upload what? Full scenes to a site with no traffic?

‘What we make x 1.5’ is still $0 if you have no traffic surely?

No. The site will be a subdomain available at the main portal to a site that has a 23k Similarweb rank.
Scenes are best only of content you own or have licensed.

Also, keep in mind the bonus comes for adding 50+ videos to the site. So regardless of traffic you will continue to receive that bonus for 3 months regardless provided you meet the monthly 50+ uploads.

I don’t understand how this works. You want content owners to upload full videos to your site?

The best system is to upload 1-2 scenes from a DVD. So, 2 out of say 5.
Its a Japanese concept for adult sites. Its not a tube or anything. Members do not pay for clips they pay a monthly membership. Producers earn their fair share from all views and downloads for the previous month during the following month. Payments are not stagnant as they rise and drop slightly depending on membership levels. Many Japanese sites use this format.

NOTE: Its also not Alexa rank but Similarweb rank. Alexa is a scam in my opinion.


We guarantee the following if you publish the following number of videos
before the opening 15th April,

20 or more 1.2 times + $200 guarantee (3 months)

50 or more 1.5x + $500 guarantee (3 months)

100+ Double + $1000 Guarantee (3 months)

If you can prepare more than 100+ videos, we will guarantee you $1000 x 3
months (April, May, June) = $3000, so please upload your gay content to us.

You must sign a contract with us so before you start so let’s get cracking!!!
You must be the content owner or authorized content provider!

1.2 x what? How much gay traffic do you have?

You said that ‘Producers earn their fair share’. Yourself and producers ideas might not agree on what a ‘fair share’ is.

You are asking people to supply content but not saying what they will get in return.

Well, for 3 months for uploading 100 videos Producers will receive $3000 USD if they upload 100+ videos.
The company uses the youtube system of splitting revenues with producers. ( YouTube partner earnings overview - YouTube Help ) I cannot tell you because it varies. We do have producers on the straight side earning $x,xxx per month.
If $3k is too little for you for a few hours work…lucky you!!
Its a new site, little traffic in the beginning but it will grow quickly. BONUS offered due to being a new site.
Also, you must be the content owner or authorized agent.

I have been running the foreign content program for 4 years. And it only gets bigger month by month.

I could upload 10,000 if I wanted to but I’m not going to if it is based on nothing but a bonus. I think we are all aware of how revenue split works. I also think the fact you ‘can not’ tell us what the split is means it is very low for the producers. Good luck in the future.

You obviously do not understand how youtube works. We give producers 75% of what they earn. 25% is kept for translations to Japanese, server admin etc…
The algo is constant but amount varies depending how much content is streamed and downloaded vs how many members the site has. There is no definitive number as it varies. Everyone gets their share of the monthly membership fee based on how popular their content is. We have about 100 producers from all over the place contributing each month.

10,000? As I said we do not accept stolen content. Only directly from content owners, producers or their authorized reps.
Enjoy your day.

That wasn’t too difficult. 75% is actually more than I was expecting. If you had said that at the start, I’m sure more people would be interested.

Interesting assumption that our company doesn’t own content. Be careful what you infer about people in public.

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May we please have the domain name on which you intend these videos to be viewed?

You are threatening and trolling me. I’ve never met anybody with 10k videos that spends time trolling competitors. Run along.

NII-Chome, you obviously don’t know who Rob is and I would politely suggest that you take a moment and learn who you are talking down to before making such statements.

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The domain is a sub domain of The boys in Japan had an opportunity to work with one of their friends who produces a ton of gay Japanese content. The owners are proposing if you see some of the Japanese sites open to foreigners, they offer a gay/straight link on the index. I guess like aebn. I would have chosen a separate domain that incorporates Tokyo hot. But they know better. The content is harsh…

I found his posts to be rude and insulting. Its a first in my 11 years at gaydemon. Enjoy the site.
We are not trying to scam anyone or cause discord. Adieu.

Rob is actually one of the most respectable webmasters I have come across in this industry, and it shows a lot more about yourself as a business person to attack one of the large content producers who will actively work with any partner including direct competitors in just about any business deal that is offered.

We dont know your site address, we dont know what exactly your offering, we dont know who you are, and we dont know what you intend to do with the content…

There are other boards for drama where you can find the real trolls, this isn’t the right one.

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I didn’t start trolling. I felt we were being attacked. I’ll leave you to it.
I understand skepticism but maybe give new people from different parts of the world…a chance.
Japanese business people have an entirely different way of doing business. From exchanging business cards to deciding what works monetization wise. It does not always connect with the west.
I’ve shared the site address. It is still being built. I am sorry if anyone is hurt.
6 times down, 7 times up.

For us race or location has nothing to do with it, we actively work with partners in all parts of the world. We as producers have all been “scammed” at some point in this industry and as such value content and need to ask questions as to how things work. I will be more than happy to look at your site but for us at FrenchTwinks I feel it would be after launch when we are able to see how things work we would be more interested than pre-launch.

Be sure to keep the board updated & my advice would be to answer as many questions in as much detail as you can (even with a proviso things can change) as it will help producers be at ease.